Undergraduate Summer Financial Aid

Must Login to Complete Application

Eligibility Requirements

1. Must be enrolled in a USF degree program

2. Must be enrolled at least half time (6 units)

3. Must have a 2018-2019 FAFSA on file

Student Loan Eligibility

Please review your myUSF student self-service portal prior to completing this form. Access the financial aid award section to review the amount of federal loans you have received during the Fall and Spring semester.

Use the chart below to determine if you have already used your maximum federal loan eligibility for the year. 

(Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019)

annual Loan Limits

  Dependent Student

Independent Student

1st Year $5500 $9500
2nd Year $6500 $10500
3rd & 4th Year $7500 $12500

The screenshot below is a sample of the award overview screen found on your myUSF self-service portal. The award overview page provides an outline of the amount of financial aid you received for the year. 

picture displays a screenshot from the student self service portal, which list the financial aid details and award information by semester.