Chief Administrative and Academic Officers

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University Deans

The academic deans are responsible for the administration of all programs within their designated school or college. This includes the selection and evaluation of faculty and staff as well as maintaining the quality of curriculum and services. The deans’ offices of the various schools and colleges are where students can get valuable information and assistance on a variety of topics, including majors, Core Curriculum, adding and dropping of courses, college requirements, and academic advising from faculty.

The library dean is responsible for the administration of library resources, programs and services.

The academic services dean is responsible for admission, academic support services, financial aid, student disability services, student records and registration, and commencement.

The Associate Vice Provost (AVP)/Dean of Students serves as an advocate for undergraduate and graduate students and promotes participation in campus life. The AVP/Dean of Students and staff are available to assist students in a variety of ways, including working with various schools and colleges to handle medical leaves of absence, meeting with students regarding policy clarification, providing support for personal and emotional challenges, and making appropriate referrals for academic progress. The AVP also serves as a resource and contact point for parents and other family members.

Associate Vice Provost/Dean of Students
Shannon Gary, EdD
University Center 5th Floor 
(415) 422-5330

Eileen Fung
Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
(415) 422-5184

School of Management
Interim Dean Charles T. Moses, PhD
Malloy 418
(415) 422-2508

School of Education
Shabnam Koirala-Azad, PhD 
School of Education 107 
(415) 422-6525

School of Law
Susan Freiwald, Esq. 
Kendrick 328 
(415) 422-6307

School of Nursing and Health Professions
Margaret Wooding Baker, PhD
Cowell 103 
(415) 422-6681

Gleeson Library | Geschke Center
Tyrone H. Cannon, MLS, EdD 
Gleeson Library 307 
(415) 422-6167