CalFresh Benefits at Farmers' Markets

At participating farmers' markets, students can double their CalFresh dollars when they buy up to $10 in produce through the Market Match Program.


Market Match is an incentive program that doubles your CalFresh food dollars at participating farmers’ markets so you can buy more fresh produce and even plants for growing your own food. Market Match makes fresh produce from small and mid-sized farms in your area more affordable, increasing the accessibility of farmers’ markets across the state.

For every CalFresh dollar you spend at the farmers’ market, you get a Market Match dollar to spend on fruits, vegetables, and fresh produce. Most markets match up to $10 and Market Match dollars are in the form of tokens. Market Match tokens are collected from a specific booth at the farmers’ market that can also answer questions regarding the Market Match program.

Learn more about how to participate in the Market Match program at farmers’ markets with your CalFresh card here. 

While EBT cards can be used to buy anything at the farmers’ market, Market Match dollars can be used to buy fruits, vegetables, and edible plants for gardens.