Change of Academic Program (CoAP) Instructions

To submit a request for a Change of Academic Program (CoAP), please follow the steps indicated here and provide all required information.

Please contact your current Academic Adviser, as well as the new department, to seek academic advising BEFORE submitting the form so that you fully understand any potential impacts a change of program may have on your progress towards degree completion and to ensure that you know which courses you should register for in the near future.

Change of Academic Program Online E-Form (Undergraduates & Graduate)

New Fall 2024 students should add a note to your request stating that you will be a new student. Further, EDD students in the School of Education requesting an interprogram transfer should contact your Dean's Office for additional paperwork before submitting a COAP form. 

Undergraduate students trying to change programs in or out of the School of Nursing and Health Professions will need to email their request to and it will be logged on your behalf. 

Questions or still need assistance? Please email with the exact request you are trying to make and we will be able to submit an administrative request on your behalf.

You will be emailed a confirmation within 1 weeks when the approved change is reflected on your record.

Please Note: Students adding a new program are responsible for completing the requirements associated with the catalog year the program is added to their record, regardless of when the student started completing their coursework.  This may mean that sub/waiver forms have to be submitted to reconcile the audit in order to ensure that all requirements are met by the time of degree conferral.  Further, if a student is adding a newly approved concentration, their major catalog year is subject to being updated to reflect the same catalog year as the concentration. 

*Students are also responsible for any changes in tuition as a result of an approved Change of Academic Program form. 

General Information and Exceptions

CoAP requests are processed in the term the request was submitted and approved. If the semester has ended, changes record will reflect the upcoming catalog term. Please note the catalog term drives the set of degree requirements that the student is responsible for completing. You cannot submit a request for an old set of degree requirements or for a future set of requirements. 

  • If you are making a change that moves you to the College of Arts & Sciences, please note that all Arts & Sciences undergraduate students are required to meet with an adviser. 
  • If a CoAP entails a change of school or college, a 2.0 GPA (UG) or 3.0 GPA (GR) is required in courses completed at USF.
  • It is not possible to add a UG School of Nursing and Health Professions major (SONHP).  If you have questions about moving to SONHP, please contact the school directly for assistance.
  • Newly admitted F1 student visa holder? If you are a newly admitted F1 ​student ​visa holder, please contact the Office of International Admission ( to ensure your admission letter and I-20 reflect your correct program information. A new set of documents will need to be mailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be advised before I can submit a Change of Academic Program request?

You must seek advising prior to submitting any Change of Academic Program Request. As any change you make impacts your degree evaluation, it is important that you are appropriately advised regarding those changes and how they may affect your graduation date.

How do I find the name of my adviser?

The name of your adviser can be found below the student information found on the degree evaluation.

How long does it take for my program change to be reflected in my degree evaluation?

Please allow 1-2 weeks for it to be reflected on your record. If you see a request is stuck at any particular approval level, you can always follow-up with that approver for assistance. 

How can I find out the status of my request?

When you submit your Change of Academic Program request online you automatically receive an email confirming the submission of your request. Within that email is a link that provides you access to your request. Once you access your request via that link, you can click on the Review & Approvals button. The Review Details page shows you where the request is currently. If the request was to drop a program, the only reviewer is the Registrar's Office. If the request was to Add or to Drop/Add, then the request needs to be reviewed by the department for the program being added, then by CASA, and then by the Registrar's Office.

How can I cancel my request?

If your request was to Add or to Drop/Add, you can access your request via the link provided in the email notification you received after you submitted your request. Simply click on the Cancel Request button at any time.  If your request was to Drop only, then you cannot cancel the request as the change is automatically made in your record. You must submit a new request to undo the previous request.

I am a new admitted F1 student visa holder. How does this affect my F1 visa and I-20?

If you are trying to change your academic program prior to arriving at USF, please contact the ​Office of​ ​International Admission (​. A new letter of admission and I-20 will need to be mailed to you, reflecting your updated program.