Substitution/Waiver Form

What is it?

The Substitution/Waiver form is initiated by Faculty/Advisers to request changes to the set of degree requirements outlined in the student's Degree Evaluation. Students are held to a set of degree and program requirements based on the catalog year they started the program, thus any changes, exceptions, or audit reconciliations must be logged and approved by use of this form. 

Who uses it?

While it is the responsibility of each student to ensure that their degree evaluation is up-to-date each, students must contact their Faculty/Adviser to initiate any applicable Sub/Waiver forms.

*Please note that while a Faculty/Adviser may state that a course is "approved" for a Substitution/Waiver, it is not official until the request has been approved through this form and the subsequent update has been made on the student's Degree Evaluation.

How does it work?

Once the form is submitted by the Faculty/Adviser, the request is routed to the Department Chair for approval, followed by Dean's Office for approval, and ultimately the Office of the University Registrar for final approval and the subsequent update of the Degree Evaluation.

Once the request for has been completed, a link to the copy of the completed form can be found on the student's Salesforce portal. 


Substitution/Waiver Form - (Faculty/Advisers Only)

If you have any questions, please contact your Faculty/Adviser or Dean's Office.