Apply to Casa Madríz

Gillson Hall



This is a first-year community. Newly admitted first-year students are eligible to apply. 

Application Steps 

  1. Complete your Enrollment Deposit Form and pay your enrollment deposit. If you have any questions about this step, please contact
  2. Complete the Cada Madríz Living Learning application. All fields must be complete in order to be considered. 
  3. Submit a completed housing application through USFRooms no later than May 10, 2024 for priority consideration. 

Most students who submit their housing applications by May 10th will receive their assignment notification on or around June 15th. Monitor your USF Dons email account for updates and communication regarding your application. 


Have questions? Need help? Contact Dr. Geneveive Negron-Gonzales at for questions regarding Casa Madriz. If you have questions about your housing application or assignment, please contact