Summer Wellness Review 2017

Young Minds at Work

Nearly 200 children and adults participated in this 5th annual event. Activities included games at Koret, an organic chemistry lab, ITS' interactive technology display, arts and crafts at Gleeson/Thacher, SONHP's interactive nursing skills display, a tour of St. Ignatius tower, and more! We ended the morning with a picnic lunch on Gleeson Plaza.

Go Read

The Go Read Challenge was the first to debut on, GoUSF's new challenge platform. In partnership with Gleeson Library, Go Read focused on intellectual wellness by encouraging participants to read all month long, in addition to offering the following events: supernatural Gleeson library tour, Lib-R-Bocce ball, meet the authors, and book recommendations by our library staff. We collectively read over 35,000 minutes throughout the month!

Go Bond

Social wellness is the ability to connect with and relate to other people in the world. Because we spend so much of our days working, typically at an environment outside of our homes, it is quite possible that we see our colleagues more often than our spouses, children, friends, and other loved ones in a lifetime! This August we focused on social wellness through the Go Bond challenge. Participants checked in each time that they socialized for 30 minutes or longer with at least two other colleagues. We encouraged people to grab a couple colleagues and take a stroll on dons meaningful mile (lower campus or lone mountain), walk to Golden Gate Park at lunch, watch a ball game, or go to happy hour. Anything and everything to enjoy one another!

Go Nourish

Nutritional wellness includes eating a balanced diet to promote overall health and well-being. As recommended by the USDA, eating a wide variety of healthy food provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals to live, grow, and function properly. GoUSF offered the Go Nourish Challenge and a workshop on nutrition basics, as well as nutrition tips on Instagram and Facebook group page throughout the month.

Breathe Easy USF

Starting August 1st, USF officially became a smoke-free, tobacco-free, and vape-free campus. GoUSF partnered with Student Life to lead the community-wide Dons Spirit Walk in support of clean air and exercise.

Public Safety Retreats

GoUSF took wellness on the road this summer by presenting at various public safety officers retreats. First, we led their retreat in beautiful Lake Tahoe, promoting self-care of the mind, body, and spirit. We enjoyed a walk, meditated on the beach, learned about the attitude of gratitude, practiced exercises that could be incorporated during their 12-hour shifts, and reiterated the importance of good nutrition and sleep! The other two retreats were held in the Presidio and focused on similar wellness material.

Dons Spirit Walk

Several hundred faculty, staff, and students wore green and gold during a one-mile walk around lower campus in celebration of wellness at USF. Spirits were high and the fresh air was invigorating, as was the exciting entertainment.

Go Volunteer

This year, we introduced our focus on community wellness through our Go Volunteer initiative. By participating in events such as the Dons Spirit Walk, Breath Easy USF events, group yoga classes, and the St. Jude's Walk, you can feel the emotional and spiritual benefits of gathering as a community. Stay tuned for more volunteer opportunities and events next year!