Human Resources Forms


Temporary Worker Extension Request Faculty Deferred Compensation Form
Additional Assignment Authorization Form Performance Appraisal Forms and Guidelines
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form Staff Telecommuting Agreement
Employment of Relatives Disclosure Form Special Affiliate Request Form


Job Description Template

Job Aid to Complete Job Description




Anthem Blue Cross:


2020 Childcare Subsidy Enrollment Form 2021 Kaiser Summary of Benefits Chiropractic Home Delivery Pharmacy Booklet Delta Dental Claim Form
CIGNA Life and Accident Insurance Application 2021 Kaiser Summary of Benefits NorCal Plan Prescription Claim Form Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form
Lactation Accommodation Request Form 2021 Kaiser Summary of Benefits SoCal Plan Home Delivery Pharmacy Order Form Delta Dental Summary Plan for Faculty
    Member Claim Form Delta Dental Summary Plan for Staff
      VSP Summary of Benefits
      VSP Member Reimbursement Form 



Financial Advisor Reimbursement Form

Rent Reimbursement Request Form

Fidelity Incoming Rollover Form

Relocation Reimbursement Request Form
TIAA 403(b) Incoming Rollover Form USFFA Second Mortgage Program Description
401(a) Vesting Waiver Form USFFA Second Mortgage Program Application
Emeriti Qualified Medical Expense Form Relocation Assistance Vendor


SF HCSO and SF Sick Leave:

Tuition Remission Form HCSO Employee Voluntary Waiver Form
Tuition Remission Plan Designated Person Sick Form for Paid Sick Leave
FACHEX and Tuition Exchange Form

Flexible Spending Accounts:

FACHEX Program - Participating Institutions BASIC Pacific FSA Reimbursement Claim Form
FACHEX and Tuition Exchange Programs FAQ BASIC Pacific FSA Direct Deposit Form
  2019 BASIC Pacific FSA Employee Summary
  2019 BASIC Pacific FSA Welcome Packet
  2020 BASIC Pacific FSA Employee Summary
  2020 BASIC Pacific FSA Welcome Packet


Pre-Tax Commuter Plan and Subsidy Enrollment Form  



GoUSF Event RSVP form All Payroll Forms
Gym Membership Reimbursement Form*  
Wellness Event Reimbursement Form

Workers' Compensation:

Ergonomics Assessment Form Workers' Compensation Benefits (English version)
(*for employees not on Hilltop campus) Compensación por Accidentes de Trabajo (versión en español)
  Medical Provider Network (MPN) Notice

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