Family Fun Day 2014

With over 55 kids and 45 parents attending, Family Fun Day was a huge success this year! It was such a nice opportunity to connect with colleagues and for the kids to learn about USF. With kids ranging ranging in age from 6 months to 17 years, there was something for everyone to do.  A huge thanks to all of you who participated and/or volunteered. The department leaders did a great job entertaining the kids; the group leaders and those helping with registration and snacks also helped make the morning run smoothly. Below is a recap of the day's events:

Schedule of Events


  • Wednesday, June 25th, 2014:  9:00 am – 12:30 pm
  •  Volunteers arrive to help set up at 8:45 am
  • Registration in front of Gleeson from 8:50 am – 9:15 am
  • Participants completed sign in sheet, liability form, name tag
  • Goody bags distributed (shirts, water bottle, USF tattoo, USF pen, beach ball, bubbles)
  • SOE – temporary tattoos
  • Participants spent 20 minutes at each stop listed below

Tour of Nursing Department – Lisa Sabatini

  • Washed hands and looked under UVA light to check out germs
  • Younger kids colored picture, band-aids for their “loveys”
  • Older kids did IV and drew blood from practice mannequins

Koret Activities – Shanie Chambers

  • Plethora of activities (basketball, learn to juggle, learn to box, beach volleyball, obstacle course, kids Zumba, hula hoop, balloon toss)

Sculpture Garden on K-Hall – Glori Simmons

  • Led kids to sculpture garden
  • With younger kids, read stories and had them pose into statue
  • With older kids, explained exhibit and walked around statues

Gleeson Library – Fabiola Hernandez

  • Games – life size Jenga, beanbag toss
  • Coloring – create own book

Top your own pasta – Holly Winslow

  • Put on apron and chef hats
  • Short presentation re: clean hands
  • Bon Appetit handed out chocolates and bags to winners for health trivia questions

Event Details


  • 59 kids(6 months to 13)
  • 42 Parents(from ABS(2), A&S(2), Career Services Center(3), CAS/DDTP(4), CASA(4), CIPE(2), Development(3), General Council(2), Gleeson(2), HR(8), ITS(7), McCarthy Center(1), Diversity Engagement(1), Koret(2), SOE(1), SOM(8), SONHP(3), Student Life(2)


  • goody bags - $87.34, name tags - $14.63, snacks - $73.32, Bon Appetit - $1,510.01

Donated Items

  • GoUSF water bottles (HR), USF pens (Admissions), bags (GoUSF)), chef hats (Bon Appetit), GoUSF backpacks

Post Event Analysis

Positive Feedback

  • Engaged people who have never previously participated in wellness events
  • Educational-stressed how each stop exemplifies one of our four pillars of wellness
  • Partnered with several USF departments: many items and time were donated
  • Public Safety did not cite at Koret for all family fun day participants
  • Short, engaging and fun activities for both parents and kids
  • Networking opportunity for employees (many met each other in person for the first time even though they have previously communicated by telephone or email)
  • Minimal overhead costs
  • Time in morning and afternoon to spend at parent’s office
  • Many volunteers helped make morning check in move quickly
  • Snack time 10:10-10:20 was a hit
  • Group leaders wore Presidio 10 shirts, so they were easy to find

Changes for Next Time

  • Snacks come prepackaged
  • Sign in according to color
  • Group leaders carry sign with designated color
  • Lines too long for food, so have two lines; cafeteria was too noisy
  • Have game while waiting for food

Post-event Survey

  • Family Fun Day was a huge success. With 40 adults and 55 kids, almost twice as many people participated than last year.
  • A survey was sent to all 40 parents who participated (55 kids), and 20 people responded. A summary of the information collected from the surveys is below:
  • First GoUSF event – 5
  • Heard about event from GoUSF email(10), HR iModules(7), Wellness Website(5), Co-worker(3), other wellness event(1)
  • Activities were age appropriate – 18 agree or strongly agree
  • Event was well organized – 20 agree or strongly agree
  • Overall, event was enjoyed – 20 agree or strongly agree
  • Out of 6 stations Koret was most popular, then Gleeson Library, Nursing Lab, Lunch, Snack and Sculpture Garden
  • All 20 would recommend the event to a friend if we do it again next year

Some Survey Quotes:

  • The event was awesome and the kids had a great time.
  • We loved it! Great opportunity for the kids to bond and see some of the campus.  Very well organized and just the perfect amount of time.
  • We had a wonderful time! The activities were quite age appropriate and engaging for my son and for me too! It was also nice to connect with colleagues from across USF in an informal and fun setting. I will definitely want to participate every year.
  • My 4 year old still talks about washing germs off his hands.  He even brought a flashlight to me to check for him.
  • Excellent event that my grandchildren looked forward to since last year’s event! You all did a great job and they truly enjoyed every part of it!

Other events that people would like to see GoUSF offer:

  • More healthy cooking classes
  • Instead of sculpture garden, the Science Center would be a great idea.
  • A cycling group
  • More kid-friendly and family friendly events. Possibly an outing to a local museum.
  • Lunchtime sillier games like Frisbee or wiffle ball. Better yet, recreational dance classes