J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 2014

On behalf of the University, thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered in the 2014 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge on September 17! USF has significantly increased its team size each time over the past three years that we have participated. This year, USF was well-represented with 128 registered racers and 120 people attending the after-party at AT&T Park among almost 400 other companies.

Be sure to check out the J.P. Morgan San Francisco highlight video at 22 seconds in, which features our USF team and President Paul Fitzgerald, S.J., who finished the race in the top 50% with an impressive 33.22!

Despite a record 12,800 people running in the San Francisco race, our USF team met early at the designated GoUSF tent, which was something new this year that J.P. Morgan provided. There was plenty of time to take pictures, grab shirts and bibs, and get ready for the race. 

The event would not have been so seamless without the help of several volunteers who distributed the official USF race shirts and watched the team’s bags during the race. Thank you, Tri Nguyen, Tamera Thomas, Anjie Massey, Julie and Steve Kober, and Elizabeth Ruiz!

Congratulations to all of our USF racers, including our top four men and women!

Men Times             Women Times
Wilita Sanguma  21.53   Suzy Kisylia  24.40
Mark Osborn  24.14   Melissa Sauceda  25.34
Daniel Erwin 25.02   Kristina Alai  25.42
Dennis Miller  25.17   Joanne Babin  26.27

If you didn't get a chance to attend the after-party at AT&T Park, it is a must for next year. Sitting on center field, socializing with co-workers and meeting new people while eating tacos on a beautiful evening was an incredible way to celebrate after a race!


Thank you also to the 72 participants who filled out the post-race survey. Your feedback is important for enhancing the GoUSF program. The survey generated the following responses:

  • For 26 out of the 72 survey participants, this was their first race.
  • The majority heard about the event from the GoUSF emails. 
  • 100% agreed or strongly agreed that registration was easy, that they received the necessary pre-race information,  and that overall, they enjoyed the event. 
  • Transportation to the race: 28 carpooled, 24 used public transportation, 9 used a personal car, 4 used Uber services, and 1 walked.
  • 61 agreed or strongly agreed that they like the shirt.
  • 71 agreed or strongly agreed that they enjoyed the race experience.
  • 61 attended the after-race party and all enjoyed it.
  • 72 are very or extremely likely to attend event next year.

Other comments/feedback received: 

  • The race provided a great chance to meet new staff members and bond with colleagues.
  • People felt like a part of the USF community, bonded with co-workers, and hope that USF will support similar events.
  • It was an excellent event and going to the after-party was appreciated. It provided a great opportunity to meet others from the USF community. 
  • It was an awesome experience and a great way to meet others who work at the University.
  • The event fostered great community building before, during, and after the race.
  • The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge is always a good time but this year it was even better.
  • It was amazing, well-organized and the instructions were detailed.
  • The after-party was a nice way to round out the evening.
  • It encouraged some to participate in more GoUSF events in the future.
  • Some requested short-sleeved shirts for next year.
  • One mentioned having a great time before and during the race, and during the after-party as well; it was a nice way to end the evening.