Go Move Challenge 2017 Summary

We want to thank the 20 Jesuit Universities that competed in the 5th Annual Go Move Challenge this February.  The challenge started five years ago as a friendly competition between just two universities, but has grown to become much more than that. It’s a way for employees from across the country to connect, work towards a common goal of moving more, and implementing healthy habits into our daily routines. Regardless of the size of the institution, the number of participants, and the number of minutes they’ve tracked, all institutions remained engaged and the statistics are impressive.

The seven institutions with the highest number of minutes include: the University of San Francisco, Gonzaga University, Creighton University, Le Moyne College, Santa Clara University, Loyola University Chicago, and John Carroll University.

Highest Percentage of Employee Participation: Gonzaga University, Saint Peter’s University, USF, Le Moyne College and Creighton right behind them.

Most impressive, though, are the numbers that the 20 institutions collectively have accumulated:

2017 Go Move Challenge Summary
Total Number of Minutes 3,100,090
Total Number of Participants 3,897
Average Monthly Minutes per Participant 795
Average Daily Minutes per Participant 28

All of the universities tracked thousands and thousands of minutes, but we would be remiss without acknowledging others who stood out in impressive ways.

  • Highest Participation and minutes increase from 2016: Marquette University
  • Closest Final Minute Totals Xavier (56,261) and Spring Hill (55,738)
  • Best selfies and posts on Facebook: Creighton University
  • Best workout with a therapy dog: Fairfield University
  • Best Mascot wearing Go Move Shirt: Gonzaga University
  • Best Photo around their college logo: Le Moyne College
  • Best golf course on a Jesuit college campus: Spring Hill College

Top 10 overall participants were from: Le Moyne College, Loyola University Chicago, Santa Clara University, John Carroll University and Saint Peter’s University

Creative Ways Institutions Stayed Active
The institutions stayed active throughout the month, from their kick-offs on Feb. 1 to their final workouts on Feb. 28. Examples of creative activities included Creighton’s battle of the sexes' inner department challenge, Rockhursts’ small but mighty workouts hosted by active staff members, Saint Peters' taking advantage of the Feb. sunshine in New Jersey with group runs after work, LeMoynes' happy hour yoga, Regis’ noon time faculty and staff challenges which continued to grow in size throughout the month, SCU’s soccer league, USF’s fitness walks, swim technique classes, boot-camps and belly dancing.

Continue to post your photos and share your stories on the Go Move Challenge Facebook group page. We love hearing what you did throughout the month to stay active.

Interested in joining next year? Contact USF’s wellness program manager, Suzy Kisylia skisylia@usfca.edu.

Photo Gallery

John Carrol University
John Carrol University, Cleveland, Ohio

Creighton University
Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska

University of San Francisco
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California