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Jacquelyn Rae Horton

GoUSF Cheers for Peers May 2018 Jacquelyn Rae Horton

May 2018

Congratulations to Jacquelyn Rae Horton, GoUSF's Cheers for Peers colleague of the month for May! Jacquelyn is the epitome of holistic wellness. Besides her important work as the instructor and director of USF's Speaking Center for the Department of Rhetoric and Language, Jacquelyn has been an integral part of GoUSF's expanded programming. She helped create Go Present and Go Write, which focus on emotional wellness through enhancing public speaking skills, writing skills, self esteem, and critical thinking. Jacquelyn also enjoys the benefits of physical wellness, evidenced by her time spent outdoors with her husband and two daughters and exercising at Koret several days a week where she inspires both students and colleagues alike. She also embodies the importance of community wellness by volunteering to serve on a patient advisory board at the UCSF women's health clinic and MILK, a group that supports breastfeeding moms. Thank you, Jacquelyn, for everything you do. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated professor who values the well-being of our students as well as our faculty and staff!