Spring Wellness Review 2016

As GoUSF continues to evolve and expand, this spring reflected a mix of recurring and new wellness events. Throughout the year, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in a variety of wellness activities that are not limited to just physical wellness. Read more below!

Go Save:  Financial Wellness

For the second year in a row, GoUSF partnered up with USF’s retirement manager to coordinate six financial planning seminars led by various retirement plan providers and government agencies.

Participants reported overwhelming positive feedback, including learning the following:

  • I have a new outlook on saving
  • I can go online to the Social Security website, create an account, and get my projected Social Security income for when I retire as well as access to many other resources
  • I should take my money out of my retirement savings over time rather than in one lump sum to minimize tax implications
  • It's important to sign up for medicare when I'm 65
  • I learned the differences in the types of college savings plans
  • The more knowledge/education I have on saving, the more likely I am to be proactive and ask the right questions to feel like I am making the best decisions, rather than get lost by the jargon and feel like I'm being taken advantage/make poor decisions when dealing with a financial representative
  • I learned that I need to save more, not take out a lump sum when I retire, and register for medicare three months before I turn 65


In addition to the reward of this important information, raffle prizes valued at $25 or more were awarded to two participants at each seminar! As the popularity and success of Go Save continues to grow, this financial wellness programming will continue each year!

Go Green:  Environmental Wellness


For the time ever, GoUSF teamed up with the office of sustainability to offer environmental wellness programming. Focusing on going green for the month of April, the following programs were promoted:

  • Walk to USF Day:  a chance to reduce carbon emissions, get fit, and avoid the traffic jams
  • National Walking Day:  sponsored by the American Heart Association, our downtown employees had the opportunity to walk over to Sydney Walton Square during lunch time to celebrate physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Earth Day at USF:  we celebrated with activities, food, and local vendors
  • Go Green Transportation Challenge:  we challenged faculty and staff to track when they used green forms of transportation throughout the month of April


GoUSF received positive feedback and excitement for the potential growth of this programming in the years to follow.

Presidio 10 Race:  Physical Wellness

Over 150 faculty, staff, and their guests participated in this 5km/10km/10mi run/walk. Entertainment at the finish line expo on Chrissy Field included awards for age divisions, hot breakfast, party tents from multiple sponsors, and live music. Here are some quotes that we received from those who participated:

  • It was great to see colleagues outside of work doing something healthy on a beautiful day! And to meet some of their significant others. Great way to come together.
  • For someone that is new to the university this was a great way to meet other USF staff and to do it at a fun event. The T-shirts were awesome too and I liked the fact that you let us register a guest as well.
  • Running the Presidio 10k with GoUSF was a blast! I met new people as I trained for it. The race course is really beautiful. We ran over the golden gate bridge. I didn't break any world records but I felt good about my time. Afterwards, I celebrated with co-workers and felt an incredible sense of accomplishment. This makes me feel excited to get in even better shape.
  • This is such a fun race and a great community/team builder activity for USF. I would suggest keeping this as a GoUSF option.


Go Write:  Emotional and Intellectual Wellness

The first ever Go Write programming focused on emotional and intellectual wellness through a journaling challenge and two workshops. Olivia Munoz, workshop facilitator and residence director of Student Housing and Residential Education, wanted to spread her passion about journaling by encouraging others to start the new, healthy habit. Olivia inspired others on how to get started and how to journal. GoUSF provided journals to all Go Write participants and offered a Go Write Challenge in tandem with the workshops, which encouraged participants to journal by responding to daily word prompts.


Feedback included:

  • It gave me a chance to write down my thoughts and feelings. It was very cathartic. Olivia is a terrific presenter!
  • I liked the emphasis on journaling and mental health. I learned some great tips I can share with students.
  • I think it's great to support mental health in addition to physical health and was pleased to see an opportunity to support journal-writing, an activity I enjoy.
  • Enjoyed the workshop and always like interacting with colleagues from all over campus.


Thank you to everyone who participated in any GoUSF event this spring! Stay tuned for more exciting changes to GoUSF in the coming months!