Faculty and Staff in the GoRelax Challenge

Thank you to our Faculty and Staff who helped create the videos for the Go Relax Challenge!

Step-by-step Yoga Sun Salutation Video:

  • Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi, Vice Provost for Diversity and Community Engagement (slides 1 & 14)
  • Scott Sidwell, Director of Athletics (slides 2 & 13)
  • Aisha Bolds, Special Education Fieldwork Supervisor; SOE (slides 3, 4, 11 & 12)
  • Opinder Bawa, Chief Information Officer; ITS (slides 5 & 10)
  • Josh Davis, Associate Dean and Professor; School of Law (slide 6)
  • Juliet Spencer, Biology Professor (slides 7)
  • Aparna Venkatesan, Physics and Astronomy Professor (slide 8)
  • Sunny Kaido, Associate Director of Administrative Services; Public Safety (slide 9)

Guided Flow Yoga Sun Salutation Video:

  • Juliet Spencer, Biology Professor
  • Rosemary LaPuma, Koret, Yoga and Pilates Instructor (vocals)

Guided Meditation Video:

  • Julia Dowd, University Ministry Director (vocals)
  • Jack O’Shaughnessy, Resident Minister (content)