Go Dons Get Fit Challenge Summary - 2021

Published 11/1/2021

The results of the 5th annual Go Dons Get Fit Challenge are in! Students have won this year's competition.

Congratulations also to everyone who completed the physical activity challenge where our faculty/staff and students compete to see who is more active throughout October. Our numbers are impressive. Congratulations especially to the following who win bragging rights.

Top 5 with Most Minutes:


  • Suzy Kisylia
  • Diane Marbello
  • Bob Bathrick
  • Dennis Miller
  • Jason Wu


  • Cian Dunphy (top mover)
  • Nicole Diaz
  • Austyn Weller
  • Courtney Hoang
  • Katherine Ho

Top 5 Teams:

  • Grandma Walking Group (students), Go Getters United (students), Donde (students), J&E's Adventure Club! (students), Catch Us If You KIN (faculty)

October = Moving

For many USF faculty/staff and students, the month of October has become synonymous with movement, and this year was no exception. 235 Faculty/staff and students committed to tracking every minute of their intentional, physical activity for the past 31 days, and the collective numbers are impressive:

*The Federal Physical Activity Guidelines recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity aerobic activity

Total Number of Participants 235 participants
Total Number of Minutes of Physical Activity 245,506 minutes
Avg. Monthly Minutes Per Person 1045 minutes
Avg. Weekly Minutes Per Person 236 minutes*

Weekly Spotlights to Motivate: Faculty/Staff and Students

Questions about what physical activity is? Kinesiology students (Adesh Bassi, Aram Gasparian, and Chanelle Romero from KIN330 Exercise and Health Promotion, taught by Dr. Sarah Camhi Kinesiology Department) provide this informational article to help educate us on what it is, how much physical activity we need, why you should be physically active, and what are some ways to increase your physical activity. In addition, please watch the inspirational videos below spotlighting our faculty/staff and student of the week.

With our focus on physical activity this month, it's important to note that USF is registered as an Exercise is Medicine On Campus (EIM-OC) school. What is EIM-OC? Kinesiology students (Mahgol Bahrami and Cian Dunphy from the KiN330 Exercise and Health Promotion class taught by Sarah Camhi, Kinesiology Department) explain in this article, "Five Things You Should Know About USF's Exercise is Medicine On Campus (EIMOC)."

In addition, please watch the inspirational videos below spotlighting our faculty/staff and student of the week.

Tips for staying active at USF and beyond. Article written by Anai Gomez and Marli Bonney from the KIN330 Exercise and Health Promotion class taught by Dr. Sarah Camhi (Kinesiology)

Stay Connected

A picture is worth 1000 words. Continue to encourage and engage with others by posting your photos! Faculty and staff can Direct message/tag @gousfca on instagram with #godonsgetfit and #gousfca. Students can Direct message/tag @usfhps on instagram with #usfhps, #godonsgetfit.