HR's professional development learning opportunities and required training are facilitated through myLearning professional development management software. Log into myLearning to view current in-house and online training opportunities, active courses, and a historical transcript of completed courses and training.

How to log into myLearning

  1. Log into myUSF and click on "myLearning" from your FavApps, or
  2. Log into with your myUSF credentials

How to add myLearning as a FavApp

  1. Log into myUSF
  2. Go to the black toolbar and click the Fav Apps button
  3. Click on Preferences, which brings you to the My Favorite Apps tab
  4. Click on the All Apps tab Scroll down to find the myLearning link and click the star next to it until it appears solid yellow
  5. Click the My Favorite Apps tab, where myLearning should now appear
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Go back to the black toolbar and click the Fav Apps button
  8. Click on myLearning from the drop-down menu to launch the enrollment portal

View the Fav Apps video tutorial.