Social Justice Immersions are organized and led by faculty and usually are for credit and last between 2-4 weeks (Usually in summer).

Arrupe Immersions are University-led, do not count for credit and happen during Winter and Spring Break.

Every day, you will visit either an organization or a community where they will talk a little about how they are tackling a specific problematic, following the visit you will have time for a Q&A. Some days there will be time to sightsee and familiarize yourself with the specific context. At night we do group reflections, to help articulate your perceptions and feelings when faced with a different reality. The main idea of the immersions is to familiarize yourself on how diverse communities face everyday problematics, so that is why they focus on social interactions.

Each Immersion centers around a specific topic.  Each is chosen for 3 main reasons:

  1. The local problematic: we look for engaging topics that help students understand current global issues while also getting to know the Jesuits Mission. 
  2. The work that is being done locally to tackle a specific problem/topic.
  3. The host institution: taking advantage of the broad Jesuits Network, we look for host institutions that can host USF students safely, work closely with local communities and offer substantial context and guidance for USF students.

No, there is no language requirements for any of the immersions. All activities will be in English or with an English translator. 

Yes, there is a variety of funding and scholarships available.

The deadline to apply for Arrupe Immersions is September 30th. Apply here.

At Arrupe Immersions, we work every day to create meaningful experiences for USF Students. By focusing on the trip's topic instead of a location, we can make sure that the Immersion is the right one for you, as you will be involved 24-7 in said subject.