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The University of San Francisco values its students and their educational, social and cultural experience. In the Jesuit tradition of caring for the whole person, we take seriously what you bring to our attention. The procedures outlined here ensure your concerns will be addressed promptly.

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In today’s connected world, it is easy to share images with hundreds of people, but when you are in an Immersion, it is even easier to fall into some well-intentioned traps,  from the photo to the caption and even the hashtags, your choice of words and images can perpetuate stereotypes and rob the subject of dignity and/or privacy, which actually does more harm than good to the community you are immersed in. 

At the Center of Global Education, we have put together a list of resources to help you navigate this.

To encourage a deeper reflection, we have put together these reflection booklets that you can use during your immersion. 

Download Reflection iBook (iOS)

Download Reflection PDF 

At Global Immersions, we try to create resources and media that reflect and portray the experience students have during their immersions. We focus on content that engages and inspires students, help guide reflections, deepens the understanding of the task at hand and keeps everyone safe during immersions. We enroll students help to create this, by offering Scholarship Assistantships for immersion. Students usually take on one role, that requires their commitment before, during and after the immersion.  We ask all our Student Assistants to read our “How to ethically document your immersion” guide.