CITI Training

The University of San Francisco utilizes CITI as the provider for research ethics and compliance training. Students and faculty engaging in research will need to enroll and take the Human Subjects Research course and will need to provide the certification of completion as part of the IRB application process. To set up and access CITI training, please follow the below instructions. Note that learners will receive both a certificate of completion and a completion report as soon as the course is completed with a passing score. 

Register with CITI

Learners will need to complete the registration process before they will be able to access and take CITI courses. Follow the below instructions to sign-up:

  • Navigate to CITI's homepage and click on Register
  • Enter University of San Francisco into the Select your Organization field
  • Continue on to create your CITI username and password and complete the Learner Registration form

Adding Courses to your CITI Account

Once an account has been created, learners can add the necessary courses that they need to complete by following the below instructions:

  • Log into your CITI account and click on Courses
  • Under Institutional Courses click on View Courses next to University of San Francisco
  • Click Add a Course - be sure to select Human Subjects Research
  • One enrolled, click on Start Now to begin your course

Accessing Completion Certificate

Your CITI certification is valid for 3 years and can be accessed at anytime on the CITI site. To download your certification, follow the below instructions: 

  • Log into the CITI site and click on My Records
  • Click on the View-Print-Share under Completion Record and select the Completion Certificate to download

Uploading Certification to AxiomMentor

When you have completed your training, log into the AxiomMentor site to upload your certification. To upload your document: 

  • Log into AxiomMentor
  • Click on PI Documentation 
  • Upload your Completion Certificate under IRB Human Subjects Training Certification by clicking on the Upload button.