Information for Faculty and Advisors

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

Faculty Advisors are responsible for the overall management of an approved research protocol in conjunction with the student PI. Management of the research encompasses the ethical, administrative, and applied elements of a project. Faculty Advisors are required to:

  • Acknowledge and accept their responsibility for protecting the rights and welfare of human research participants, by being listed as faculty advisor on the protocol and granting approval through the AxiomMentor website,
  • Ensure the students have sufficient training and experience to conduct the research in accord with the protocol, 
  • Have completed the CITI human subjects research training requirement and understand the ethical standards and regulatory requirements governing research activities with human participants,
  • Collaborate with student PIs during the preparation of an IRB proposal and ensure the proposed research complies with the ethical principles outlined in the Belmont Report, and human subject research regulations including 45 CFR 46,
  • Assist and supervise the researcher in problem solving in the event a problem, emergent question or concern were to surface, and
  • Ensure all research activities have IRB approval before human subjects are involved, and implement the research activity as it was approved by the IRB.
  • NOTE: All Advisors overseeing student research must have current CITI Human Subjects Research certification uploaded to Axiom. Applications approved by Advisors without current CITI HSR certification will not be submitted for review until provided. 

Granting Approval for Student Protocols

All protocols submitted by students require faculty advisors to grant approval through the AxiomMentor website before the review process can begin. Advisors will receive an automatic email notification alerting them when a student has submitted a protocol. To approve student IRB applications at the AxiomMentor website, follow the below instructions:

  • Log into the AxiomMentor site
  • Click on Student Protocols
  • Click on the Title of the student protocol you wish to approve
  • Click on the Advisor Action button at the top of the page
  • Select the appropriate Acceptance Status
  • Click Update Status

Any issues or questions about logging into and approving student protocols through the AxiomMentor site can be directed to the IRB email

IRB Blanket Approvals

Faculty advisors may seek IRB blanket approval for multiple standard student protocols involving minimal risk, non-vulnerable populations and no identifiers or collection of sensitive information. Advisors will be required to undergo CITI Human Subjects Research training, monitor all phases of student research and renew blanket approvals on an annual basis. For more information, please contact the IRB for a consultation on obtaining blanket approval. 

Faculty researchers seeking grants/funding

Before submitting your IRB application for review, please review the Office of Contacts and Grants Proposal Submission Process to ensure you have completed the necessary steps to qualify for and request funding.