Proposal Submission Process

  1. Complete the appropriate online Intent to Apply form. When submitted, this form electronically alerts your college/division, OCG, the IRBPHS and the Senior Vice Provost that you are planning to submit a letter of intent or a proposal to an external funding agency.
  2. Once OCG has received the Intent to Apply form, we will contact you to discuss your proposal. We will help you to develop a budget and complete a timeline for preparing the proposal.
  3. OCG will prepare a Proposal Approval Form for your signature and obtain needed Dean and Vice Provost approvals, including for any faculty time commitments and cost share.
  4. The final proposal should be sent to OCG for review and submission at least 20 business days prior to the agency deadline.
  5. For NIH and other federal grant applications, OCG staff will upload the final version of the proposal into
  6. For paper submissions, OCG staff will duplicate and mail proposals at least 20 business days prior to the agency deadline.
  7. Please note: OCG requires that finalized proposals along with relevant documents be submitted with all USF approvals no later than twenty (20) business days prior to the sponsor deadline.
  8. If you are partnering with another institution or university to prepare and submit a proposal, please contact OCG at first.
  9. Explore Proposal Submission At-A-Glance for more info.
  10. If Human Subjects are used for grant proposals, please review the IRB Process at USF.

If you have questions, please call the Office of Contracts and Grants at