Partnering With Other Institutions

Partnering or Collaborating with Universities or Institutions

When partnering with another institution to submit a proposal, please call the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) at as soon as possible to discuss the details of your collaboration.

There are two types of relationships that are possible:

  1. The other institution or university takes the lead role in preparing and submitting the proposal. USF’s faculty member agrees to serve as a Co-Investigator (on federal grants) or USF agrees to serve as a subrecipient. 
  2. USF acts as the primary institution and another university or institution agrees to serve as a Co-Investigator (on federal grants). The partner institution agrees to accept a subaward from USF when the grant is awarded.

In either situation, the partnering institution will be required to submit a short statement of work and a budget for the activities to be undertaken. Usually, the faculty member’s resume or biosketch is also required. For USF faculty, the budget will be prepared by the Office of Contracts and Grants. 

Before agreeing to participate in a proposal being submitted by another university or institution, USF faculty are required to complete the Intent to Apply form on the OCG webpage.

The Intent to Apply form is automatically circulated to the appropriate Dean and to the Senior Vice Provost for their approval. The approval of both parties are required before USF faculty can be included in a proposal submitted by another institution or university.