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Does your research project involve the use of any of the following categories of hazardous materials or equipment?
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NOTE: Applicants are required to meet with their college/division representative to discuss proposed projects and possible college/division commitments (e.g., cost-sharing, release time, etc.). Consent must be granted prior to the development of proposal. Division (Dean/VP) approval to submit a proposal will be required before the official University commitment can be authorized by the Provost.
Please check all the appropriate Dean/VP representatives
NOTE: University personnel applying or receiving external funding are responsible for complying with standards for the responsible conduct of research as well as with university policies and applicable federal rules and regulations governing award administration; non-discrimination in the workplace; use of human subjects, animals, or hazardous materials or agents in research; the export of controlled information and/or technology; financial conflicts of interest, scientific misconduct, and intellectual property. Please review USF's policies on the following web site.