Community Member Profiles

Loyola House Jesuit Community Members 2023-2024

Alejandro Báez Alejandro Báez, S.J. - Associate Pastor, St. Agnes Parish
Father Greg Bonfiglio Greg Bonfiglio, S.J. - Pastor, St. Ignatius Parish
Edward Chow, SJ Edward Chow, S.J. - Graduate Student in Education
Father Paul Devot Paul Devot, S.J. - Associate Pastor, St. Ignatius Parish 
Christian Ekesiobi Christian Ekesiobi, S.J. (ANW) - Graduate Student in Education


Cristobal Emilfork


Cristóbal Emilfork, S.J. (CHL) - Graduate Student in Socio-Environmental Anthropology
John Fessio John Fessio, S.J. - Director of Ignatius Press
Father Paul Fitzgerald Paul Fitzgerald, S.J. - 28th President of USF
John Fitzgibbons John Fitzgibbons, S.J. - Chancellor of USF
Charles Gagan Charles Gagan, S.J. - Development Staff Member at Mission Dolores Academy
Father Donal Godfrey Donal Godfrey, S.J. - Associate Director, University Ministry; University Chaplain, USF
Emmanuel Kaparasa Emmanuel Kaparasa, S.J. (SAP) - Masters Student in Business Management
Olivier Kayitare Olivier Kayitare, S.J. (RWB) - Graduate Student in Education
Patrick Lee, SJ Patrick Lee, S.J. - Rector, Loyola House
 Father Sonny Manuel Gerdenio "Sonny" Manuel, S.J. - Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Psychology; Clinical Practice, South of Market Health Center
Edwin Callejas Edwin Martinez-Callejas, S.J. (COL) - Graduate Student in Education
Father Bob McTeigue Robert McTeigue, S.J. - Priest in Residence, St. Edwards Parish, Newark, CA
John Mitchell John Mitchell, S.J. - Pastoral Minister in Adult Spirituality at St. Ignatius College Preparatory
Father Matthew Motyka Matthew Motyka, S.J. - Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
Fala Valery Ngong Ekem Fala Valery Ngong Ekem (AOC) - Graduate Student in Environmental Management
Joseph Nguyen, SJ Joseph Nguyen, S.J. - Assistant Professor, Theology and Religious Studies
Brent Otto, SJ Brent Otto, S.J. (UEA) - Graduate Student in History, UC Berkeley
Hermenegildo 'Jun' Potestades Hermenegildo "Jun" Potestades, S.J. - Awaiting assignment
Patric Razafimahafaly

Patric Razafimahafaly, S.J. (MDG) - Graduate Student in Education

Father Dennis Recio Dennis Recio, S.J. - Adjunct Professor, Lecturer in English Department.; St. Ignatius Institute; Local Vocation Contact
Edward 'Eddie' Reese Edward Reese, S.J. - President of St. Ignatius College Preparatory
Abdon Rwandekwe, SJ Abdon Rwandekwe, S.J. (RWB) - Graduate Student in Education
James Siwicki James Siwicki, S.J. - Minister, Loyola House
John Whitney, SJ John Whitney, S.J. - Associate Pastor, St. Ignatius Parish