About the Learning Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Learning Center is to provide students with opportunities to increase and enhance their academic skills and abilities through cultivating effective learning practices. We support investment in learning and studying, and respect individual learning styles. We believe in creating an environment that is conductive to learning as well as serving as role models. With the goal of creating lifelong learners, we strive to support students' endeavors towards self-confidence and higher academic achievement and performance.

Vision Statement

The Learning Center empowers students to achieve their academic and personal goals via opportunities for enhanced learning, interpersonal development, personal responsibility, and leadership.

Core Functions

  1. Course specific academic support
  2. Academic skills development initiatives
  3. High impact leadership and engagement opportunities


  1. Advance student learning and academic progress by providing course specific academic support in high-need* first and second year courses.
  2. Increase student persistence and self-regulation by providing individual and small-group academic skills development initiatives focused on independent learning strategies.
  3. Advance student engagement and leadership skills through high impact academic and co-curricular activities.

*The Learning Center’s definition of “high-need” courses: courses with a high percentage of DFW grades each term and/or for which students utilize an average of 50 hours or more of course specific support each term

Learning Center Staff

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