Employment Opportunities

*Please note, all Learning Center Positions for the Fall 2020 Semester will be remote. 

Members of the USF community, including faculty, staff, and current students, can nominate students for Learning Center employment opportunities through our Nomination Form

NOTE: Upon receipt of your nomination the Learning Center reaches out to the nominee with an invitation to apply. This form is NOT the program-specific recommendation that applicants may request of you. They should be sending you additional information regarding the official recommendation process as they continue through the process.

Click here to submit a Fall 2020 Peer Leader application

*NOTE: We accept applications on a rolling basis after our priority timeline each semester.

2/27/20- Fall 2020 Peer Leader Application Available *

4/3/20- Fall 2020 Priority Application Deadline

4/17/20- Extended Priority Application Deadline 

4/17/20- Fall 2020 Peer Leader Application Materials Due 

4/20- 4/24- Fall 2020 Peer Leader Individual Interviews 

5/4/20- Faculty Recommendation Form Submission Deadline 

5/4/20- Fall 2020 Position Decisions and Notifications 

5/8/20- Fall 2020 Peer Leader New Hire Meeting 

Peer Tutors are full-time USF students who have completed at least a semester of study at USF. Peer Tutors are students who show dedication to their academics and maintain a cumulative and semester GPA of 3.0 or higher.

To tutor for a specific course the applicant should have taken the course at USF and received an A- or above. We also require an online recommendation form from a USF faculty member (for each course; link provided once you apply). All Peer Tutors are required to participate in ongoing tutor training during their time as a Peer Tutor.

Students interested in tutoring in the languages should complete an application with the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.

For more information, including the application process, please review the detailed Peer Tutor Position Description below.

Learning Center Peer Tutor Position Description.pdf

We recommend applying from a computer rather than a mobile device. 

Please contact us at lwsc@usfca.edu or 415-422-6713 with questions.

Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) is a program facilitated by student leaders who have mastered a USF STEM course. Each week, PLTL leaders meet with their groups to engage in problem solving and discuss current course materials for CHEM 111 and/or CHEM 113. Learn more about the requirements to become a PLTL Leader

PLTL Position Description 

We recommend applying from a computer rather than a mobile device. 

Please contact us at lwsc@usfca.edu or 415-422-6713 with questions.


Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning enhancement program for undergraduate students, which consists of a series of weekly sessions for historically-difficult courses. SI Sessions are open to all enrolled students who want to improve their understanding of course material, as well as their grades. Attendance is voluntary and offers students the opportunity to collaborate with classmates on comparing lecture notes, discussing important concepts, and developing strategies for studying.

SI Sessions are led by SI Leaders, competent students who have previously taken the course and reached success. SI Leaders attend class with students, take notes, and complete all necessary class readings and assignments. SI Leaders help students reinforce knowledge and offer helpful tips to integrate “how to learn” with “what to learn.”

For more information, including the application process, please review the detailed SI Leader Position Description below.

SI Leader Position Description_2020-2021.pdf

We recommend applying from a computer rather than a mobile device.

Please contact us at lwsc@usfca.edu or 415-422-6713 with questions.

Each semester, The Learning Center matches graduate students with USF students who are in need of additional and continued academic support during the school year; participants are referred to The Learning Center by campus partners, including the Center for Academic & Student Achievement (CASA) and Student Disability Services (SDS). Project Success Coaches work individually with students on a weekly, regularly-scheduled basis. They partner with students to tailor their support and accountability methods, aiming to develop study skills and positive academic behaviors, including (but not limited to) time management, prioritization, note-taking, test-taking, critical reading, college-level writing, and goal-setting. Training and resources are provided to Project Success Coaches at the start of every semester.  

We are no longer accepting applications for the Fall 2020 semester, but will resume coach recruitment for Spring 2021 in November/December. View the Position Description for more information. Apply for Spring 2021 by filling out the online application.  

Speaking Center coaches are well-trained undergraduate and graduate students that are talented public speakers and effective peer tutors. Training for the position includes taking a two-unit course (RHET 328) in order to prepare students for the task of coaching public speaking. Students interested in becoming a Speaking Center Coach should contact Professor Patrick McDonnell at mcdonnell@usfca.edu for more information. 

Writing Center Tutoring - RHET 327 / RHET 527
Writing Center Tutoring is a 2-unit, semester-long course for undergraduate students (or a not-for-credit elective for grad students) that is designed to prepare students to be peer-tutors in a writing center. This course provides both a theoretical perspective as well as hands-on practice in tutoring. Upon successful completion of the course (grade B or higher), students will be eligible to apply for a peer-tutoring position in the USF Writing Center. Please contact Leslie Dennen (dennenl@usfca.edu), Writing Center Director, for more information.  

Front Desk Position Description

The LC is not currently recruiting for our Front Desk Positions. 

Please contact us at lwsc@usfca.edu or 415-422-6713 with questions.