Contingents & Contractors

If you are a USF community member but are not a student or an employee of the University, you still may be eligible to obtain a USF One Card for campus identification purposes and/or to access University locations.

Determining Eligibility

If you are eligible, please contact the USF One Card Office after your sponsoring department has authorized you to obtain a card. Authorization generally comes with the completion of our Contingent ID Request Form for contingent workers or our Contractor ID Request Form for contractors.

Contingent ID Request Form

Contractor ID Request Form

Setting Up Your One Card

Set Up Your One Card

Account Services

Need to make changes to your account? Turn personal funds into Don Dollars, upload a One Card photo, and more!

Manage Your One Card Account

Building Access

All current USF students and employees have access to certain locations on campus. Default access allows students to enter most public facilities on campus, including: University Center (where the main cafeteria, bookstore, and many student services are located), Gleeson Library and Geschke Learning Resource Center, and Koret Health and Recreation Center.

In addition to default access, access can be placed on a USF cardholder's account based upon their association with certain points on campus (such as their residence hall or school). Student workers who need access beyond default and association privileges may be granted additional access to certain areas. Alarm code access may also be granted to authorized USF employees.


Employment Changes

Please note that you are expected to retain this card throughout your employment at USF. If you experience a break in your time here, you should return your One Card to your supervisor who either should destroy the card by shredding it, or return it to the One Card Office.