Terms and Conditions

  1. The University of San Francisco (USF) identification card (One Card) is the property of USF, is issued by USF to individual cardholders or mobile cardholders, and is nontransferable. The One Card may be revoked at USF’s discretion if it is used in violation of University policies and procedures. Access privileges associated with the One Card will be deactivated once a cardholder’s status is terminated. Faculty and Staff must relinquish their One Card upon separation from the University.
  2. Upon request, cardholders must present their One Card in order to establish University status or to obtain certain University services. The first physical One Card is issued at no cost while replacement cards, including those that are perforated with a hole punch, are subject to a replacement fee. Mobile One Card issuance and reinstatement is free of charge. Cardholders are expected to retain their One Cards throughout their duration at USF – a new card is not issued annually.
  3. The One Card is to be used exclusively by the person to whom it is issued, and only the cardholder may present their card for debit privileges. A One Card presented by anyone other than the cardholder will be confiscated or revoked. One Cards may be issued to departments so that designated persons may use their department’s debit privileges, in accordance with University policies and procedures.
  4. A cardholder’s name, identification number and photograph may be distributed to faculty and staff for academic and administrative purposes, such as a visual class list. This information will not be released to anyone outside of USF without the cardholder’s prior consent and is treated under the same provisions that protect student education records in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  5. The One Card is issued with a campus debit account (Don Dollars), which is not valid for use until activated by the cardholder. A cardholder may activate their Don Dollars account by making a deposit using the CBORD GET App or the One Card website and selecting Deposit Don Dollars. In activating their account, the cardholder acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions that govern the use of Don Dollars. These terms and conditions are available on the One Card website and upon request.