Supporting Your Student Through Online Learning

For your student to be successful in an online environment, the primary hurdle is to ensure their tech tools and internet works and that they understand the course interface, how assignments will be submitted, and the professor's expectations. Your student should also know how their professors will be communicating with them regarding each course (email, message board, etc.).

4 Study Strategies for Online Learning: 

1. Use your planner/agenda/Google Calendar to:

  • Devote time exclusively for studying, at the same time every day works the best.
  • Create a plan. Allocate your study time. Don't just write "study for psychology."Be specific. For example, "read Chapter 2 in Psychology and complete worksheet that is due Monday".
  • Keep track of test dates, project deadlines. Also, set smaller deadlines in between. For example, if you have a test on Friday, you might set individual deadlines of "practice equations from unit 1" on Monday, "practice equations from Unit 2, and review what I didn't know from Unit 1" on Tuesday, etc.

2. Actively participate in any Q & A sessions, forums, and online office hours your professor provides.


3. Evaluate what is left to accomplish in YOUR course (tests, projects, assignments), and create a plan. 

  • What is important? 
  • What information do you need to do these assignments? 
  • When will you work on this? 
  • How will you prioritize your assignments while taking online classes? 

4. When in doubt, never be afraid to ask questions.


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