Becoming a USF Vendor / Supplier

PaAS strives to ensure a diverse vendor/supplier base that is responsive, responsible, and qualified to meet the business requirements of USF. In order to conduct business with USF and to be listed as a vendor/supplier in USF’s Vendor/Supplier Database, vendor/suppliers must be registered with PaAS.

The Enablement Process

In order to leverage its vendor/supplier base, a vendor/supplier will only be added to USF’s Vendor/Supplier Database by PaAS if there is a specific requirement for a faculty or staff member that cannot be fulfilled by an existing vendor/supplier or it is determined by PaAS to be advantageous for USF to add an additional vendor for a particular product/service type.

1. Department Need

A department need is determined by one of the following (1) no current vendor/supplier for product/service type or (2) advantageous for USF to add additional vendors/suppliers.

2. Request for New Vendor / Supplier

Faculty or staff member must submit a written request for new vendor/supplier to PAAS to be added to USF’s Vendor/Supplier Database or PaAS discovers the need to add a new vendor/supplier for a product/service type.

3. PaAS sends online Vendor / Supplier Registration Form

Once a new vendor/supplier request is approved, PaAS will send the online Vendor/Supplier Registration Form for completion.

4. Vendor/Supplier Certifies Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

All vendors/suppliers must certify in the Vendor/Supplier Registration Form their acceptance of the following policies: (1) How to do Business with USF, (2) Conflict of Interest – Code of Conduct and Fair Competition and (3) Vendor/Supplier Code of Conduct

5. PaAS Review

PaAS to review and verify provided Vendor/Supplier Registration Form and once approved. PaAS will input the vendor/supplier into the Vendor/Supplier Database.

PaAS reserves the right to reject a vendor/supplier's request for approved vendor/supplier status at its sole discretion if the product/service type is already available from a USF preferred contract or vendor/supplier, or if the addition of another vendor/supplier in a particular product/service type is deemed by PaAS not to be in the best interest of USF.

Vendor / Supplier Requirements

USF faculty and staff members must submit a written request to PaAS to add a new vendor/supplier to the approved Vendor/Supplier Database. Upon receiving a faculty or staff member request to add a new vendor/supplier, PaAS will determine whether it is in the best interest of USF to issue a Vendor/Supplier Registration Form. Unsolicited requests received directly from a vendor/supplier may not be processed by PaAS. Upon receipt of the online Vendor/Supplier Registration Form, the vendor/supplier must submit the following directly to PaAS

  • A completed Vendor/Supplier On-Boarding Form
  • A completed W-9 Form
  • Current copy of certification by the U.S. Small Business Administration if business is certified as small, disadvantaged, or woman-owned.

The Vendor/Supplier Registration Form will be reviewed by a Purchasing Agent. Once approved, vendors/suppliers are added to USF's Vendor/Supplier Database.