Holds are administrative blocks that prevent students from performing specified enrollment actions or processes due to an outstanding obligation.

You may view your holds in Banner Student Self Service ­čí¬ Student Records ­čí¬ View Holds.

When you access the View Holds page, you will see the following:

Hold Type

The name of the hold.


The reason for the hold. This may also provide additional information about the hold.

From Date

The date the hold began.

To Date

The date the hold ends. For most holds, this date will be the 31-DEC-2099, meaning that the hold will remain in place until you meet the outstanding obligation.


The office that placed the hold on your record. This is also the only office that can remove the hold. Please contact this office for any questions regarding the hold as well as what needs to be done in order to have the hold removed.

Processes Affected

Processes that the hold prevents you from performing (e.g. registration).