Permits: Requesting Permission to Add a Class

During the registration period, you may encounter a registration error message. Most of these registration error messages can be overridden by an electronic permit issued by the instructor or the academic unit (school/college or department) offering the course.

You may submit your request for a permit to the instructor or the academic unit as an email. When submitting a request for a permit, be sure to include the following:

  • Name
  • USF ID Number
  • Course (include section number and CRN)
  • Registration Error Message
  • Reason for Requesting a Permit

For registration errors that require permission from the school/college or department, click on the following link to know who to contact for each course by subject code.

Subject codes and colleges

Alternatively, you may submit the Registration Add/Drop Form to the appropriate school official.

If approved by the instructor or academic unit, then you will receive an electronic permit for the course section at which time you must return to Banner Student Self Service, go to the Add or Drop Classes page, and register for the course section.

If the online registration system will not allow you to register (even though you have received confirmation from the academic unit), contact the instructor or academic unit again. The instructor or office will need to determine if the permit was issued correctly or if an additional permit will be needed.

For College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate and graduate students and School of Management undergraduate students, you may also contact CASA at