Event Planning

When beginning to plan events or activities for student organizations, there are a lot of aspects to be considered. Resources are available to aid an organization in this process from start to finish. The following sections outline the procedure to be followed to successfully plan an event, including registration, location, and other important criteria.

  1. Identify
    1. What type of event/activity you would like to host
    2. The goals of the event and what you would like to accomplish
    3. The target audience and event emphasis: Education, Health, etc.
  2. Define
    1. Your objectives and outcomes of the event or activity
    2. The use of space and or seating arrangement and capacity required for the event or activity
  3. Determine
    1. The date of your event
    2. Check the University Calendar
    3. If it will be beneficial to partner with another organization
    4. Who you will invite to the event (speakers, performers, etc.)
    5. The location
  4. Create
    1. An event timeline
    2. Budget