Graduate Student Organizations

How to Join

Check out our most updated list of undergraduate student organizations below. If you find an organization that you are interested in joining, feel free to contact them directly or request membership through Student Hub. Please email with any questions. 

Academic, Honorary, and Professional

The mission of this chapter shall be to promote the study and utilization of information systems through programs of professional development, social networking, and community development.

The mission of CPSU is to support students in promoting the field of clinical psychology by serving
traditionally underserved communities through excellence in research, clinical practice, and systems

The purpose(s) of Graduate Student Organization’s Finance Club is to effectively promote student interests in exploring Finance world through learning, networking, and career opportunity events.


The Graduate Marketing Association of USF provides its members with increased knowledge of business through professional, educational, and social development opportunities. It also seeks to bridge the gap among business executives, the community, faculty, and graduate students.


GNA aims to connect graduate level nursing students to one another, encourage collaboration and connectedness as a professional team, provide academic and social support, and ultimately develop professionally through networking and educational endeavors.


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The Graduate Writers Association is a student-run organization that fosters community for USF’s MFA program and the broader Bay Area literary community. Our goal is to create active literary citizens by providing inclusive spaces for social engagement, professional development, and ambassadorship.


The purpose of the HPSA shall be to create a sense of community and solidarity within the Population Health Sciences department within the School of Nursing and Health Professions (SONHP) at the University of San Francisco and its satellite campuses.


Build community through distributive leadership, institutionalize student leadership structure, develop relationships within and across all SOE doctoral programs, develop and maintain alumni relationships, host events and workshops to enhance USF’s SOE doctoral programs, enhance student experiences.


Promote and support humanization of migration and migratory processes and serve as a community space for building and creating a network of solidarity for migrants of all statuses and allies.


MSGA represents and serves Museum Studies Graduate students in the USF community. MSGA promotes and facilitates scholarly and professional development activities as well as fosters awareness for museum exhibitions, current events, programs, and employment opportunities.

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Our mission is to provide health professional students with education and resources to become skilled care providers and social change agents in sexual and reproductive health and justice.


The purpose of OC GNA is to (1) connect current graduate nursing students to the greater community of USF and Orange County, (2) support current graduate nursing students in their studies and career goals and aid in their personal and professional development, and (3) network with professionals in healthcare. 


The purpose of this association is to create an organized group in which students will have opportunities to collaborate within their network as School Counselors.

The Graduate Student Board seeks to build a leadership structure that is inclusive of all School of Management graduate students and represents their voice and experience.



The purpose of the “Sport Marketing Association” shall be to 1) educate and prepare our members for the constantly evolving field of marketing and communications, 2) provide career advice and valuable opportunities for our members to practice and develop their skills and 3) promote economic development by providing marketing and consulting services for sport-related businesses and athletes.


The Startup Club is dedicated to supporting new and existing student ventures from conception to scale.

The core mission of SAPA is to foster holistic development of student affairs professionals by bridging academic, practical, and personal experiences. Through networking and support, the organization aims to provide opportunities to enhance relationships between students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

The mission of the Student Society of Pediatric Nursing (SSPN) at the University of San Francisco is to foster the transformation from student nurse to pediatric nurse through leadership opportunities, professional development, public service, and education.

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Aims to support and advance diversity and inclusiveness women representation within economics.



Cultural, International, Religious, and Spiritual

As a Graduate Black Student Association, our mission is to establish a space that To foster a supportive community for Black graduate students, through regular meetings, social events, and networking opportunities.


Dismantling Walls is an organization designed to support undocumented undergraduates and graduate students at USF by fundraising to increase access to scholarships for undocumented students, and changing dialogue regarding the needs of the undocumented folks on campus

Dedicated to unifying LGBTQIA+ and allies focused on building a strong and diverse community, providing social and professional opportunities, and raising awareness among faculty, staff, and students of experiences, and intersectional identities among LGBTQIA+ individuals in the industry and society

Media and Performing Arts

Invisible City seeks to make the unseen seen by publishing stories, poems, essays and art in our bi-annual literary journal.

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Political, Service, and Special Interest

The Net Impact USF chapter has the mission to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a sustainable world. Spanning six continents, our membership makes up one of the most influential networks of MBAs, graduate students, and professionals in existence today. Net impact members are current and emerging leaders in corporate social responsibility, environmental business, nonprofit management, microfinance, international development, and social entrepreneurship. Members embody the purpose of actively improving the world and being a catalyst for change.


Our purpose is to create happy and mindful campus communities where students, faculty, and staff thrive in life and lead with clarity of mind, resilience, purpose, and belonging. We serve society by strengthening the individual. This Club - SKY Campus Happiness brings stress management tools and techniques for personal and professional success through the contemporary and scientific use of evidence-based breathwork and meditation, yoga, and personal awareness seminars. This club also aims to provide students with opportunities for community service projects and training on and off campus to develop human values and leadership skills



The Green Club (TGC) is devoted to fighting the biggest challenges of the century. We are a passionate and motivated group of students who are willing to take the next step and help the reduction of GHG emissions, transition to clean energy, efficient energy, sustainability, and waste management.