Resources for Organizations

Virtual Guide and Toolkit

We have centrally compiled important resources, updates, and policy changes that will impact student organizations as we operate virtually for fall. These are living documents that will be updated as new developments arise. Whenever there are changes or updates, we will let organization executives know.


We are using Canvas courses as centralized hubs with all the necessary training, information, and resources that will help student organization leaders thrive in their executive roles. There are separate courses for undergraduate student organizations (USOs) and graduate student organizations (GSOs). All student organization executives and advisor will have access to the appropriate course. 

Don't have access?

If you don't have access to the appropriate Canvas course yet, please email us at We will be able to add you to the course.

Student Organization Policies

All policies related to student organization can be found in the Fogcutter Student Handbook.

Marketing Resources

SLE employs an entire team of expert current USF students with a passion for and experience with marketing. They are available to help you get the word out on what your organization is up to, promoting events and activities, and supporting your outreach efforts. Aside from helping you get creative through a personal consultation, some of the several means we can support your group right away with are: 

  • Promotion through our student event focused social media accounts: @usfsle
  • Getting listed in the Phoenix and Dons Connect newsletters
  • Building out your event listing in the USF Calendar
  • Registration and ticket sales support
  • Be featured in our podcast: Activity Time w/SLE
  • Free photography and editing at events and headshots (on hold during COVID 19 restrictions)
  • Poster hanging on campus public posting boards (on hold during COVID 19 restrictions)
  • Transcription support with marketing and recap videos
  • General Consultation and questions, email us directly:

Out of the Box

Out of the Box is a workshop series designed to help student organization executives learn and develop skills to assist them in leading their organizations. Fall 2021 dates and times coming soon!