To ensure a seamless event experience, our office coordinates requests for room setups, audio/visual equipment, catering, beverages, parking/transportation, event recording/broadcasting, conference phones, eco-stations, decor rentals, floral arrangements, pre and post cleaning services, special furniture deliveries, One Card access, and additional services.


Sometimes the needs of the University community will take precedence over a meeting or event location booked on campus; therefore, we reserve the right to relocate your event. At all times, academic classes will take precedence. When it is necessary to move an event, we will make a good faith effort to find the most suitable alternate location available and provide you with as much notice as possible.

Food & Beverage

All orders must be placed through your Event Manager. Food and beverages will be provided by Bon Appetit Catering, which is the exclusive caterer on campus. Please note some rooms have restrictions; in LM 100, LM 103, LMR 419, and LM Del Santo Reading Room, food and beverage must be served in glass and china at an additional cost. All orders/changes/add-ons must be submitted by noon at least three (3) business days in advance to avoid any surcharges.


EM&GS is the only University department authorized to purchase alcohol for on-campus distribution. Your Event Manager will confirm your beverage needs and coordinate the delivery and bar service. Charges to your account will be based on consumption. All events that include alcohol also require a bartender. If there will be guests under 21 years age at your event, it is a requirement to have security present to check IDs.

Donated Alcohol

If donated alcohol is to be supplied to an event an “In-Kind Donation Form” must be obtained from EM&GS in advance filled out and submitted back to EM&GS. Forms are available through this website. Copies of the form will be forwarded to the Office of Development to be registered as gifts. EM&GS will then coordinate delivery and storage of the product prior to the event. Surplus product will be inventoried and stored in the EM&GS offices for your future use. Surplus product is to be removed from event location by EM&GS only.

Room Setup

Basic chairs and tables are provided by the University. If you wish to upgrade, rentals will be provided at an additional cost to your budget. Please note some rooms have setup restrictions.

Conference Phones

Jabra Bluetooth Speaker is replacing conference phones. You will need to setup a Zoom meeting call and invite all participants. If you are in need of a Zoom account, please contact cit@usfca.edu.


Our office will supply and set up A/V equipment (e.g. screens, projectors, speakers, microphones, etc.) It is recommended that you bring your own laptop. If your event requires A/V equipment that the University does not have, your Event Manager will request bids from our preferred vendors. Sound may only be amplified outside during the activity hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:45 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.


If your attendees need parking or transportation, your Event Manager will work with the department of Public Safety and/or their preferred vendors. We can reserve three permits at no cost per event. Additional permits cost $20 each. If you require an entire parking lot, the cost is $250 per lot.

Event Recording

The University offers free recording/broadcasting of your event at the Hilltop, Presidio, and Downtown Campuses. Off-campus locations are unable to be supported. Please submit your request at least five (5) business days in advance to ensure the event can be staffed.

Janitorial Service/Ecostations

If you are scheduled in a space without trash bins or your event requires cleaning before, during, or after the event, your Event Manager will order appropriate trash bins and/ or ecostations — at $50 per ecostation — at an additional cost to your budget. Your account will be charged if excessive debris or food items are left anywhere in the event space.


If you wish to purchase or rent decor items, your Event Manager will request bids from our preferred vendors.

One Card Access

Your Event Manager has access to lock/unlock all campus-wide rooms.


If your event requires directional signage, EM&GS can provide parking and event location signage, as needed. No signage may be posted on campus walls, doors, glass, trees, vehicles, or railings. Please note the university's posting policy.

Disability Accommodations

USF reasonably accommodates individuals with disabilities. If you need a disability-related accommodation, please contact EM&GS. Requests must be made at least 14 days in advance of the event. Costs may be applicable dependent on the request.


Classroom requests cannot be confirmed for availability until after the semester census date. Please note that you may be relocated if an academic class needs to be scheduled in the room you booked. All classrooms are furnished to accommodate the maximum occupancy permitted by law. Additional furnishings (i.e., chairs, tables, and technology), other than what is present, are not provided. If you would like to use the classroom technology, please bring your valid One Card to ITS to check out a key. If you are a student, ITS will require that your faculty/staff advisor do this on your behalf. For assistance with classroom technology, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (415) 422-6668. As a courtesy to the class and/or group using the room after your event, we ask that you return the furniture to the configuration illustrated on the chart inside the classroom at the conclusion of your event. Failure to return the furniture back to the standard setup will result in a work order placed to have Facilities Management return the room to standard at a cost to your budget.