How to Join and How to Create!

The Undergraduate Student Organization Directory compiles all of the university's student organizations and their respective information. If you are interested in learning more or connecting with a student organization, contact

What if there isn't a student organization for me?

If you can't find a student organization that speaks to your specific interests, you can always start your own. Talk with a Student Organization Consultant to start the process.  To be recognized for Spring 2020 semester, complete the components below by October 1, 2019 at 11:59pm (PST). 

The four components you'll need to begin are:

Where can I find out more about clubs and organizations?

Check out the Involvement Fairs that are held at the beginning of each semester. Most student organizations are represented and members are available to chat with you. You can also stop by the SLE office (UC 4th Floor) and talk with one of our Student Organization Consultants.