The Personal Path

You will grow here at USF.

In your short time at USF, you will grow. You will shape your own values, find your lifelong friends, and develop lifelong practices. Here are some opportunities for practice and reflection that can help you grow and thrive.

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Finding community is one of the more important parts of your college career. Center for Academic and Student Achievement Success Coaches can help you with finding the community to meet your needs.

Visit the Casa myUSF site

The people I've met, from faculty to friends, have been the things I've liked the most about my experience at USF.

- Sabrina, Sociology '19

Every organization (even USF!) has a mission and values statement. What is your personal mission and what are your values? Take the time to reflect on your personal values and you'll find that your values help you prioritize how you spend your time, identify key people in your life, and determine what your day-to-day looks like.

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Organizations helped connect me to others so I could learn more about different cultures.

- Luis, Media Studies '21

Thoughtful reflection is an important process for growth and discernment in the Jesuit tradition. Thinking about your day, the ebbs and flows of your experience, can be helpful in your personal and professional growth.

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Participating in an immersion trip or going abroad is important. You want to explore and experience cultural differences at the city, state, country level. This makes you marketable.

- Tony, Computer Science '22

Relationships are important. From faculty to friends, it is rare that a student goes through college without making connections. Take the time to get to know your faculty, the residents down the hall, the Able staff, and the many people you interact with.

Read about Campus Psychological Services

There are so many activities on campus that it allows me to participate in USF and explore what other students are involved in.

- Tiffany, E&I '22

Planning for your future involves knowing how money works. Luckily USF has many resources to help you plan your budgets and learn how to be a great money manager.

I know money is a big deal, but it's okay to take a break from focusing on it so you can take advantage of opportunities.

- My, Psychology '22

Self-care is a very important skill, helping you stay afloat during stressful times as well as appreciate the good. How you take care of yourself has consequences. Learn what works best for you by exploring what self-care means and how/when to implement self-care measures. Also, be aware of how you can help others take care of themselves when they need it most.

Visit Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for more self-care resources

People are always scared to go to CAPS, but people should go!

- Crystal, International Business/ENVS, '21

Failure happens. It's how we respond to failure that matters. USF has a lot of support for you and recommends that you build your network early so you know where to go if you have concerns of any kind.

Your CASA Success Coach is your support system and you can count on them to help.

- Luis, Media Studies '21

Giving back to the Hilltop means a lot of different things: attending athletic events, being an RA, participating in alumni panels, or once you're settled in your life as a USF alum, hiring a USF intern. How you give back isn't as important as giving back.

Give to USF

USF has so many organizations! We have so much school pride.

- Lexy, Biology '20