The Co-Curricular Path

Co-curricular Activities Take Place Alongside the Academic Experience.

USF is the home to many departments and resources meant to contribute to your academic experience, many of which might be familiar to your experiences in high school. You might even find opportunities to engage in new activities. Interested in student government? We have the ASUSF Senate. Feel the draw of the stage? There is the College Players. Organizations, clubs, and opportunities are waiting to be discovered.

There are over 100 recognized student organizations on campus, many of which are looking for leaders and members such as you. If you cannot find an organization, you are welcome to start your own with help from Student Leadership and Engagement's student organization consultants

The judo club helped me make more friends that I thought I could, even friends who were not in my year. It was also a great way to release stress.

- Nathalie, International Studies/Fine Arts '21


Not sure about which organization is right for you? Student Organization Consultants are available to help you find the ideal organization. We encourage you to visit a few organizations and talk to members about what their organization's core values and signature events are to help you find the right fit. 

It's so easy to join an organization here on campus. They're all really open to new members.

- Vincent, Psychology '21

Check out the OrgFinder tool: Discover undergraduate student organizations here.

Not only does USF have artist galleries on campus, you too can express yourself creatively. There are opportunities inside and outside of the classroom where you can engage your creative side or get some experience being creative. Visit Thacher Gallery in Gleeson Library or the Sculpture Garden on Kalmanovitz Hall's 3rd Floor outdoor space. Watch (or participate!) in the Lyricist Lounge. Work at the Graphics Center or the Foghorn! The opportunities to engage are endless.

There's life outside the residence halls. Go out and do stuff.

- Vincent, Psychology '21

USF prides itself as being deeply rooted in San Francisco, and San Francisco is a great place to get engaged in the community. Many majors require off-campus internships or volunteer experiences, and this is a way to get involved with the many community-based organizations that exist in SF.

Visit the McCarthy Center

USF is so perfectly placed. People don't even know how great our location is.

-Lexy, Biology '20

Career planning does not start senior year! It can start as early as you want it to! Consider taking an Exploring Majors and Career class; many majors offer a discipline-specific career preparation course too. There is a whole department dedicated to your career pursuit. You can schedule an appointment with the Career Services Center and get help with setting up your online profile for the job search as well as network with alumni in the field.

Visit the Career Services Center

Set attainable goals per year. Your career depends on internships and projects, and you need to know what is sought after in the field.

- Tony, Computer Science '22