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    Unite & Ignite

    ASUSF Senate strives to ensure that every voice, concern and suggestion to improve USF is heard by addressing the needs of our constituents through compromise and cooperation.

    Rebranding ASUSF

    RebrandingASUSF Senate has led an initiative to re-brand the ASUSF to better align with our mission, intent, and collective identity. ASUSF stands for the Associated Students of the University of San Francisco. This essentially means all undergraduate students at USF. ASUSF Senate serves as the governing body of ASUSF. We are here to represent your needs and concerns and to move forward initiatives to promote positive change for our community!

    Why the Phoenix?

    Mythology In classical mythology, the phoenix is a unique bird that lives for centuries by rising from its ashes with renewed life. Mirroring the flag and seal of the City of San Francisco, the phoenix stands as a symbol of the city and university's recovery from the devastating 1906 earthquake and fires. Much like the mission of ASUSF, the undergraduate student body, we come together to advocate against and rise above adversity to push forward.

    ASUSF Senate


    University Center 4th Floor
    2130 Fulton St.
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    Phone: (415) 422-2118
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