ASUSF Senate Legislation

ASUSF Senate creates legislation to address the needs of students at USF.

Our resolutions are aimed either at issues that affect students or at improving our own structure. Passed resolutions by the ASUSF Senate will be frequently updated throughout the school year. To find out more about how resolutions work and what effects they have, join us at our public meetings or contact us at

2022-2023 Resolutions

# Status Title Update


Approved Accommodations for Sikh-identified Students to Wear their "Kirpan"  
22-23-02 Approved Mandatory Menstrual Pads in Bathrooms  
22-23-03 Approved Increased Communication and Outreach from the Department of Public Safety  
22-23-04 Approved Improved Communication from the Student Employment Office Hiring Managers  
22-23-05 Approved Supporting the Food Pantry via the Reallocation of Flexi Funds  
22-23-06 Approved Referendum to Increase the ASUSF Student Activity Fee  
22-23-07 Approved Call to Change the University of San Francisco Mascot  
22-23-08 Approved Increasing Transparency and Accountability regarding Green Investment  
22-23-09 Approved Improved Transparency and Communication Channels between the Board of Trustees and Students  
22-23-10 Approved Establishment of a Dedicated Testing Center   
22-23-11 Approved Implementing Public Posting Boards  
22-23-12 Approved Improved Communication and Transparency between Bon Appétit Management Management Company and Students  
22-23-13 Approved Tuition Increase Statement  
22-23-14 Approved

Equitable Gender-Inclusive Housing Admission Processing

22-23-15 Approved International Student Internship Relief Fund  
22-23-16 Approved Solidarity with USF Faculty   
22-23-17 Approved  Sustainable Redevelopment of the University Center Patio  
22-23-18 Approved  Establishment of a Permanent Title IX Office  
22-23-19 Approved  University Divestment from the Gun Industry  
22-23-20 Approved Reduction of Textbook Costs  
22-23-21 Approved  Solidarity with USF's Transgender Athletes   
22-23-22 Approved  First Steps in the Establishment of a Flexi Transfer System  
22-23-23 Approved  ASUSF Senate Commitment to Exploring Rideshare Services for School of Nursing and Health Professions (SONHP) Students  
22-23-24 Approved  Institutionalization of a "Textbook Exchange Channel" Slack Workspace  

2021-2022 Resolutions

# Status Title Update


Approved Request for Term Renewal for Constituent Representatives on the Board of Trustees Committees  Approved
21-22-02 Approved Referendum to Establish the Title IX REPS Representative as an Official ASUSF Position Approved

2020-2021 Resolutions

# Status Title Update


Approved First Steps to Change Approved and Implemented


Approved Regulation of Public Safety Rounds in Residence Halls Approved
20-21-03 Approved Increased Support for the Dean's Emergency Fund Approved and Implemented
20-21-04 Approved ASUSF President Advisory Committee for the Board of Trustees Approved and Implemented
20-21-05 Approved Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Education Committee Approved and Implemented
20-21-06 Approved Increased Transparency for Student Nominations to the Board of Trustees Approved
20-21-07 Approved  Increased Commitment to the Students, Staff, and Faculty of USF Approved


Approved Increased Accessibility for External Mental Health Resources Approved
20-21-09 Approved Referendum to Establish the University Budget Advisory Council Representative as an Official Position Approved and Implemented
20-21-10 Approved The Disarmament and Reform of the Department of Public Safety Officers Approved
20-21-11 Approved Zoom Fatigue Approved
20-21-12 Approved Referendum to Add Four At-Large Positions to ASUSF Senate Approved and Implemented
20-21-13 Approved Resolution for Land Recognition Statement Approved
20-21-14 Approved Resolution for Supporting Practicing Muslim Students During Ramadan Approved
20-21-15 Approved Exam Fund Resolution Approved
20-21-16 Approved  Increased Inclusion of Resident Ministers in Student Residence Halls Approved
20-21-17 Approved Suicide Prevention Hotline & Domestic Violence Hotline Resolution Approved

2019-2020 Resolutions

# Status Title Update


Approved Resolved Commitment to Voter Engagement at USF Approved by USF Administration
19-20-02 Approved Accommodations Requests in Housing Application Process Approved and Implemented
19-20-03 Approved Food Pantry Support Resolution Approved and Implemented 
19-20-04 Approved Student Satisfaction & Food Insecurity Survey Approved by USF Administration
19-20-05 Approved Resolved Commitment to Landscaping at the University of San Francisco Awaiting Approval by USF Administration
19-20-06 Approved Support for the USF Emergency Fund Approved
19-20-07 Approved Additional Student Representative Seats on the Board of Trustees Approved and Implemented