USF Student Elections


As students, we can create real change by voting on issues and officials that impact our lives and the well-being of our communities. Change starts here at USF! Every student is pre-registered to vote in the USF Student Elections for your representatives in student government.

USF Votes

We also encourage students to participate in national, state, and local elections through partnership with USF Votes, the McCarthy Center’s initiative to register 100% of all eligible USF students, educate them about issues and candidates, and turn out 100% of registered voters at election time.

Why the Wolf?

The tradition of the wolf and kettle dates back many centuries to the Basque country of Spain. Legend has it that the Loyola family, ancestors of St. Ignatius of Loyola, was so generous that after feeding their family, they would serve their extra food to feed the animals, even the wolves. This act of service and giving became depicted as two wolves and a kettle on Loyola family crest. The symbolism reflects the USF Student Elections values of service and selfless giving.

Spring 2024 Election Results

Election Results for ASUSF and GSS will be made public on Monday, April 22, 2024. Voting takes place Monday, April 15 to Friday, April 19. Be sure to vote for your student representatives!

Fall 2023 Election Results

Election Results for Freshman Class Representative is out! The USF Senate Elections Team commends the time, energy, and efforts of the candidates. Their interest in serving their peers as a representative on ASUSF Senate is celebrated and we hope all interested seek other opportunities to stay connected with ASUSF and support their various constituencies.

For More Information

Contact with any questions about USF Student Elections.