ASUSF Voices

ASUSF Voices, the University of San Francisco’s largest student choir, gives Dons who share a passion for music the opportunity to perform together.

Five unique, student-produced ensembles (USF Voices, Basso, Treble, Jazz and SIX Voices) under the direction of Rick Roberts, host a variety of events year round, including end-of-semester concerts!

Can you carry a tune?

ASUSF Voices offers non-audition and auditioned options for students of all skill levels. You’ll join a community committed to rigorous yet enjoyable music making while meeting other USF students who love singing just as much as you do.

How to Join

ASUSF Voices groups are open to all USF students, both undergraduate and graduate.

Because ASUSF Voices is also a class you may take for credit, you must register online in order to join. You can find the class listing under the "Music" subject in the "Look Up and Register for Classes" module in myUSF.

You may take ASUSF Voices for up to two credits. If you are in one group, you may only take the course for one credit. If you are in two or more groups, you may take ASUSF Voices for two credits.

Alternatively, you may take ASUSF Voices for zero credits.



ASUSF Voices is comprised of five ensemble groups, each meeting at a different time-slot in the week. Ensemble repertoire includes selections ranging from pop to musical theater.

Basso is for Bass and Tenor, lower range voices.

Treble is for Soprano and Alto, higher range voices.

Jazz is an group of fourteen individuals that you can audition for in the beginning of each semester.

SIX is our specialty a-cappella group for six of USF's most passionate singers! Auditions are held whenever there is an opening.