Graduate Student Organizations

Academic, Honorary, and Professional

AIS Student Chapter organization encourages the pursuit of information systems excellence within the University of San Francisco, School of Management; offers information systems career and technology information to its members; and provides networking opportunities to those interested in information systems.


A club lead by graduate students but open for all USF students that are engaged to improve our environment and want to know more about new energy technologies that are helping switch faster to non-polluting sources.

The Entrepreneurship Club coordinates all student groups and activities that serve the entrepreneurial interests of the USF SOM student body. Entrepreneurship Club focuses on lean startup tactics, innovation, technology and all aspects of being an entrepreneur. Competitions, company visits, pitch nights, workshops and guest speakers are some of the many activities that we offer. EClub aims to support and inspire an entrepreneurial methodology in students as a potential future startup founder or employee, investor, adviser, corporate partner, or corporate intrapreneur.


Graduate Finance Club's mission is to promote student interests in Finance and related industries through practical learning, networking and career building opportunities.


The goal of GNA is to connect graduate-level nursing students to one another, encourage collaboration and connectedness as a professional team, provide academic and social support, and ultimately develop professionally through networking and educational endeavors.

The USF School of Education Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student body that represents and serves all credential, master’s and doctoral level students currently enrolled in the School of Education (SOE). The GSA is organized in order to:

  • Represent and serve all SOE students, as per the mission statements of the School of Education and the University
  • Provide a leadership forum for all SOE students
  • Act as liaison among students, faculty, and administration of the School of Education
  • Promote and facilitate scholarly activities for fellow SOE students
  • Provide a forum for students’ concerns and suggestions
  • Network with SOE alumni


The purpose of this club is to foster community and support among the graduate students in the MFA program at USF, provide support after graduation, and to connect with the greater literary community in the Bay Area.

The aim of this organization is: to provide a platform for students to collaborate across cohorts, Network with alumni, informatics professionals from the industry, and to create an avenue for knowledge transfer of soft and hard skills required to excel in this field.

The University of San Francisco School of Management's Marketing Club offers MBA students opportunities to network with marketing professionals in the Bay Area and allows students to gain consulting experience in the marketing field through our many partnerships.

The Museum Studies Graduate Association (MSGA) represents and serves Museum Studies Graduate students and the USF community. Led by an executive board and committee leaders, the association promotes and facilitates scholarly and professional development activities as well as fosters awareness for museum exhibitions, current events, and programs. Members network and collaborate with Museum Studies alumni and museum professionals and attend museum conferences in order for Museum Studies Graduate students to immerse themselves in the museum community, as well as to learn from and network with museum professionals nationally.


The Net Impact USF chapter has the mission to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a sustainable world. Spanning six continents, our membership makes up one of the most influential networks of MBAs, graduate students, and professionals in existence today. Net Impact members are current and emerging leaders in corporate social responsibility, environmental business, nonprofit management, microfinance, international development, and social entrepreneurship. Members embody the purpose of actively improving the world and being a catalyst for change.

The purpose of OC GNA is to connect current graduate nursing students to the greater community of USF and Orange County, support current graduate nursing students in their studies and career goals and aid in their personal and professional development, and network with professionals in healthcare.


The purpose of the Population Health Sciences Student Association shall be to create a sense of community and solidarity within the MPH, MSBH, and MSHI Programs while coinciding with the USF mission and Jesuit character. The PHSSA will work towards its goals by developing professional and social relationships among the current University of San Francisco (USF) public health students and alumni and other public health practitioners. It will also serve to encourage and promote community involvement by association members, and to stimulate interest and advance in the profession of public health.

The purpose of this association is to create an organized group in which students will have opportunities to collaborate within their network as School Counselors.

Student Affairs Professional Association (SAPA) is an organization that fosters the holistic development of student affairs professionals by bridging
academic, practical, and personal experiences. Through networking and support, the organization aims to provide opportunities to enhance relationships
between students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

The purpose of the Women in Business club is to build a supportive network of women at the University of San Francisco’s School of Management that focuses on empowerment, enhances professional and leadership development, facilitates discussions, and provides the opportunity to make lasting connections through informal gatherings, networking events, coffee chats, activities, and workshops. This purpose does not contradict the University’s mission or its Catholic, Jesuit character.


The purpose of this organization is to highlight, discuss, and bring together
diversity among Economics at USF. As a field that has been slow to gain diversity in some of its higher positions, as a group, we aim to bring together and foster the connections of the diverse students in this field, both at the graduate and undergraduate level. We want to provide a community and open forum to discuss upcoming research, interesting topics in the field, provide sustainable networks of current students and alumni, and highlight the lens of understanding that diversity can bring economic thinking.

Cultural, International, Religious, and Spiritual

The ASA fundamentally strives to strengthen and promote African students presence at USF through social and cultural events and/or meetings. We welcome all who are interested in the organization membership.


The Graduate Latinx Caucus promotes leadership and community building among Latinx students in the counseling psychology programs at the University of San Francisco. GLC's focuses on planning, organizing, and producing events that foster professional development, personal growth, community service, and education enhancement for all its members.

This organization seeks to create an on-campus presence and community for all people who are or hope to be more in tune with their indigenous background as everyone in society is indigenous to some part of the world. There are religious, spiritual, cultural, and societal similarities between all people at this university but various aspects of modern society have served to deter people from uniting with one another based on the very basic human needs of fellowship and dialogue. This organization builds on these notions of camaraderie and unity, as well as turning this activity into making effective changes to campus life through instituting sundry measures that highlight the rich and vast Native American culture that exists locally, and how this can guide student's continued interactions with one another.

The International Students Club (ISC) bridges the cultural gap among students by providing a global home for sharing culture backgrounds, academic experiences, and business knowledge. This cultural exchange allows non-international students to understand the culture of another country and international students to gain insight into the American culture. The club also celebrates diversity by providing a safe, respectful, and mutually supportive environment for the development of students.


Media and Performing Arts

The purpose and focus of the “Sport Marketing Club” shall be to educate and prepare our members for the constantly evolving field of marketing and communications, provide internships and valuable opportunities for our members to practice and develop their skills and promote economic development by providing marketing and consulting services for sport-related businesses and athletes within the Bay Area. 


The purpose of this organization is to maintain and run the online journal of the MFA in Writing Program. The Switchback Journal accepts submissions during spring and fall, edits and publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. The members are responsible for keeping the journal up and running.


Political, Service, and Special Interest

SF’s MBA Challenge for Charity (C4C) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that draws on the talents, energy, and resources of MBA students to support the Special Olympics and our local charities Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) and SF Food Bank. We believe strongly in developing business leaders with a lifelong commitment to community involvement and social responsibility. These goals are accomplished through volunteerism and fundraising which is fostered by collegial interaction and friendly competition among 8 other MBA programs (including Stanford, UCLA, USC, UCB, UW, UCI, UCD, Pepperdine) on the west coast. C4C is an umbrella organization through which each school separately fundraisers and volunteers throughout the school year. Our major events of the year include Bridge to Bridge 12K, Annual Fall Benefit, Polar Plunge and our Spring Fling. 


The mission of the PsyD Student Union is to support students in promoting the evolution of the field and practice of clinical psychology by supporting and facilitating innovative programs and community partnerships that serve traditionally underserved and marginalized communities through excellence in research, clinical practice, and systems development. By promoting student engagement, supporting the unique needs of all students, facilitating resources, developing professional networks, and advocating within the university, the PsyD Student Union will create a network of psychologists who are passionately championing the cause of improving access to mental health services for individuals and organizations across the boundaries of economic, physical, psychological, sociocultural, and spiritual issues. This purpose does not contradict the University’s mission or its Catholic, Jesuit character.


The Graduate Business Association is a student-run organization that serves as an advocate for students in order to enhance the MBA experience at USF. We promote a vibrant educational community for students by supporting the USF MBA clubs, advancing alumni relations, and hosting both social and professional events.


The purpose of this student organization is to provide support, resources, and community to USF MFT graduate students. We will serve as advocates for MFT graduate students to the USF community. We will supply MFT graduate students with an open forum where they can share their concerns and suggestions and bridge the gap between students and the USF administration. We will also provide opportunities for professional and social development and community involvement.


The overall mission of the NSC is to provide a unified voice for students with a focus on promoting and improving the MNA program at The University of San Francisco. The NSC provides a vehicle for student perspectives, ideas, and a means of promoting events on behalf of the student body. The NSF club will promote co-curricular activities pertinent to the nonprofit field as well as support and encourage collaboration with other nonprofit professionals. The mission and purposes of this club do not contradict the University’s mission or its Catholic, Jesuit character.

This organization, Pen to Power, serves the purpose to build community while valuing progress among MFA writers who are interested in social justice issues related to POC, LGBTQIA, the criminal justice system, feminism, classism, immigration, poverty/homelessness, environmental issues, etc.