Making every student a voter is the goal of USF Votes, the McCarthy Center’s newest initiative to register 100% of all eligible USF students, educate them about issues and candidates, and turn out 100% of registered voters at election time.  

Register to vote and get election reminders

The Andrew Goodman Foundation

USFVotes is partnering with The Andrew Goodman Foundation to amplify young voices, train leaders, and create a culture of civic participation on campuses nationwide. 

The Foundation honors Andrew Goodman, a civil rights worker in 1964 who joined the movement to register African Americans in the South to vote.  On his first day in Mississippi, Goodman, along with two others, was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan.  Those three murders were a galvanizing moment in U.S. history reminding everyone in the nation about the importance of equal access to voting.  Equal access to voting is just as important today.  As a member of this powerful movement, we want USF students to act and develop their own political voice and change the world from here. 

Partnering with The Andrew Goodman Foundation's Vote Everywhere program, we aim to implement voter education activities and increase student participation in local, state, and national voting and election initiatives. 

Vote Everywhere Ambassadors 

The Andrew Goodman Foundation partners with colleges and universities throughout the United States in order to create dynamic hubs of student civic participation and grassroots organizing. Nationwide, our Ambassadors educate, engage, and empower their peers by tackling voter participation, public policy, and social justice issues on campus and in their communities. The Andrew Goodman Foundation selects and develops Vote Everywhere Ambassadors at each member school to become student leaders who take action, build movements, and engage their peers. Ambassadors learn about voting rights and the Civil Rights Movement, develop leadership skills by building teams and campus-wide coalitions, and learn to communicate more effectively through writing, public speaking, and online platforms. Ambassadors have access to Vote Everywhere resources and become part of our national network of peers, professionals, and change agents.

Help Us Register Voters

Join us at the McCarthy Center to help register and educate students on our campus to vote and become involved in the democratic process. Sign up on Google Forms to volunteer. Be an intern with our Campus Team and build your skills to fully engage in the civic participation process. 

Amplify your voice. Commit yourself to vote and encourage your peers