ASUSF Senate Elections

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ASUSF Senate holds elections every semester. All positions are filled in the April election. The Freshman Class Representative position is filled in the September election.

ASUSF Senate Positions

Executive Board

  • ASUSF President
  • ASUSF Vice President of Internal Affairs
  • ASUSF Vice President of Finance
  • ASUSF Vice President of Marketing & Communications
  • ASUSF Vice President of Advocacy

Senator Representatives

  • ASUSF College of Arts and Sciences Representative
  • ASUSF School of Management Representative
  • ASUSF School of Nursing and Health Professions Representative
  • ASUSF Senior Class Representative
  • ASUSF Junior Class Representative
  • ASUSF Sophomore Class Representative
  • ASUSF Freshman Class Representative
  • ASUSF Student of Color Representative
  • ASUSF International Student Representative
  • ASUSF Gender and Sexual Diversity Student Representative
  • ASUSF Transfer Student Representative
  • ASUSF Student with Disabilities Representative
  • University Budget Advisory Committee Representative (2)*
  • At-Large Representatives (8) *

*Filled through appointment 

Position Descriptions

ASUSF President

Commitment: 18 hours per week
Serve as the CEO of the Senate and the undergraduate student representative to the University administration and Board of Trustees. Coordinate executive officer development and provide oversight and guidance over all Senate business.

ASUSF Vice President of Internal Affairs

Commitment: 13 hours per week
Coordinate Senate meetings and internal operations. Plan and implement training and development opportunities for the Senate and ensure alignment with governing documents and codes.

ASUSF Vice President of Finance

Commitment: 15 hours per week
Oversee the allocation of the ASUSF Operating Budget of approximately $1 million. Coordinate funding opportunities for undergraduate student organization event and development funding.

ASUSF Vice President of Marketing and COmmunications

Commitment: 13 hours per week
Plan the signature events of the Senate. Plan a communication and marketing strategy for the Senate and oversee the content of the website and all social media platforms. 

ASUSF Vice President of Advocacy

Commitment: 13 hours per week
Coordinate education, awareness, and advocacy initiatives and programs of the Senate. Work with all officers to instill the social justice mission of the University and of the Senate in all Senate business.

Senator Representatives

Commitment: 6-8 hours per week
Serve as the voice of your peers! Senators represent the need areas of their constituency and aim to cultivate community within the undergraduate student body.

ASUSF Senate Position Descriptions