Report a Concern or Complaint

The University of San Francisco values its students and their educational, social and cultural experience. In the Jesuit tradition of caring for the whole person, we take seriously what you bring to our attention. The procedures outlined here ensure that you have the opportunity to work with the University regarding complaints or concerns about an action or inaction by a member of the University community in order to find a fair and just resolution. Students will not be subjected to adverse actions by any school officials as a result of initiating a complaint. 

The University has separate and specific procedures for complaints involving allegations of certain serious misconduct.  Please review the following links to report or learn more about these issues:

If you are facing an immediate or urgent situation, you may contact the Office of the Dean of Students during business hours at (415) 422-5330. If this is an emergency or after hours, please contact the Office of Public Safety (24/7), (415) 422-2911.

Report other violations of the Student Conduct Code.

Report violations of Academic Integrity.

Concerns about a Peer or USF Community Member

If you have a concern about another member of the USF community and want to get them connected to support and resources, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (415) 422-5330 or

General Complaints/Concerns

We encourage students and others to first address their concerns by contacting the individual student, professor, department, or employee involved to try to resolve the issue.

If this is not successful, bring your concern to the appropriate department chair or program director for their assistance. If still not successful, then bring your concern to the Associate Dean of your School/College or the Dean of Students Office (415) 422-5330. If unable to resolve a complaint at the level of an informal resolution, a student may choose to follow a more formal process.

Academic Complaints

Non-Academic Complaints

  • Accessibility: Contact USF Student Disabilities Services,, (415) 422-2613
  • Billing/Tuition: Contact USF Office of Student Accounts,, (415) 422-2571
  • Financial Aid: Contact USF Office of Financial Aid,, (415) 422-3387
  • Work Environment: Contact USF Human Resources, Employee Relations, (415) 422-6707

Outside USF Options

If you feel you are unable to resolve the complaint through informal and formal steps taken within the University, you may choose to contact the following oversight agency.