Assessment is a core part of our efforts. 

REPS INTERN - Marci Adolfo 

New Student Orientation Survey

Applied Practical Experience (APEX) - Lucy Villalta 

Lucy Villalta, a second-year Master's of Public Health student at USF is fulfilling her APEX by working with REPS to analyze and collect pre- and post data for our Talk About It sessions at New Student Orientation. 

The Title IX Office has recently expanded their educational offerings and programming. In this first year of
workshops and trainings, there needs to be a way to measure the effectiveness fo our sexual violence
prevention and education. The APEX project will focus on supporting our programming inside and out and
developing a instrument for pre- and post assessment, by studying common sexual violence prevention and
education tools, reviewing literature in the field, and working with USF students.

Student-Athlete Workshops 

Sociology Capstone - Katharine Badham 

Kat Badham, a fourth year undergraduate student, on the Triathlon team, is fulfilling her senior sociology capstone with the office assessing our student-athlete workshops.