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Animation of the Instructional Design team writing their names and doodles on a glass whiteboard

USF's Instructional Design team offers 1:1 consultations and hosts workshops in support of active learning, research-based best practices for course design, and the implementation of educational technologies in traditional (face-to-face) and digital education. 

Who We Are

Susan ZolezziSusan Zolezzi
Associate Director

Susan oversees strategic initiatives to promote online, hybrid and technology assisted education. She co-chairs the Student Hybrid Experience Advisory Board (Office of the Provost) and is USF's Quality Matters Coordinator.

Angie PortacioAngie Portacio
Senior Instructional Designer

Angie’s areas of expertise include online and hybrid course design, active learning pedagogies, the Quality Matters framework, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL)/accessible design. She liaises with USF's Schools of Education, Law, and Nursing & Health Professions.

Jill BallardJill Ballard
Instructional Designer

Jill’s areas of expertise include online and hybrid course design, active learning, learning assessment and alignment, and learning analytics. She liaises with USF's College of Arts & Sciences.

Mishiara BakerMishiara Baker
Audio/Visual Multimedia Developer

Mishiara’s areas of expertise include professionally-produced course videos, self-recorded video and podcasting best practices, instructional light board videos, and interactive course multimedia.

Guest Contributors

Andy Chan, Austin Palaad, Jori Marshall, Matthew Kim, Nouar Nour, Omelia Tennant, and Yiting Wu