Welcome! The USF TEAch Resource Library offers resources for faculty interested in exploring different ways to design your course, engage and assess your students.

Instructional Design Toolbox

These are a series of topics related to instructional design to enhance the design of your course.

Universal Design for Learning Series »

Universal Design for Learning is a holistic, flexible approach to developing a modern curriculum that meets the various needs of all your students. Explore what you can do to promote accessible learning in your classroom.

Nuts & Bolts of Course Design Podcast »

In this four-episode podcast series, you will tinker with the nuts and bolts of effective and efficient course design. Hear more about best practices in developing an engaging and outcome-oriented curriculum.

Dons Template »


Students have experienced confusion and frustration at the inconsistent format of Canvas pages across different courses and instructors. Check out the Dons Template — your intuitive and hassle-free solution to Canvas.

Room for Growth!

If there is a technique you are currently using and would like to share it with the USF Teaching Community, please submit your suggestion so we can all continue to learn how to enhance teaching for student learning.